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    Why should Congress mocks Modi govt when global help pouring?

    Senior Congress leader Jayaram Ramesh has mocked the Modi government for seeking the US help regarding covid materials and oxygen raw materials in wake of second surge. By the way the Congress must know that India never sought any help from any country. Only it was WHO which shown sympathy and asked the US and other countries to help India tied over the present crisis. If the help forthcoming voluntarily we should not reject it. I think Congress wants to make every issue some politics and gain mileage for nothing. What is your reaction to this development in politics.?
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    Mutual help between countries is always good. India gave the vaccine to many countries. The reason behind giving that vaccine is to get the raw materials required for making these vaccines only. So there will be some reason for each action that may not be known to us.
    When we are in crisis what is wrong with asking for help from other countries. Did we not take any help from any other country earlier. So we should not make everything political. The maximum concentration and thrust should be on how to come out of these difficult situations.

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    By the way we have not asked for help and it is pouring from other side to which Congress is criticizing.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is very difficult to decide as which Govt is good until unless we do comparative analysis. Any Govt which is better than the other is good for the time being and when another better one comes that becomes good. In plain english language it is called as - 'Worse is better than worst'. So, I feel that this mantra has to be kept in the mind before evaluating any Govt or any regime. Many times people are trapped under the anti establishment waves due to various reasons sometimes totally personal also or sometimes are there as people are having vested interests. Mocking of Mr Modi or BJP by congress is a normal action in a democratic political system and it is not going to do any harm to them till they are in power. Opposition generally takes advantage of any adverse situation to blame the ruling Govt. There is nothing new in that. If Congress comes in power, BJP will do same thing. If we remove biasing from our minds then we can understand the things in a better perspective.
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    India did not ask for help from any country. Why false prestige? What is wrong with asking for help when the others are in a position to help? The government is not in a position to handle the situation. People are dying due to a lack of oxygen supply to the hospitals. Beds in the hospitals are insufficient. Medicines required for covid treatment are also in short supply. The government should accept its failure and seek help from others. Anyone will mock the government when it does not have the resources and shies away from seeking help. People's lives are more important.
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    I don't know what the issue is. If the Congress party is mocking the government then I would not take it seriously because opposition parties always have negative comments about the ruling party. But the question is what crisis our nation is facing and how people are dying even on roads the world is watching gut-wrenching images and videos. What impression we are giving to the world? Will they not feel pity for us. Does any developed country ever want other nations should help it?
    Who should be held responsible for what is happening in our country? Why there is so much hotch-potch and mismanagement?

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    If you still think that centre are worth it then you should think again. This government has failed people, deceived them left them helpless without any support from anywhere. The heart-wrenching images and suffocating patients for the want of oxygen are dying only shows the inefficiency of the central government. It is natural to react to such an inefficiency where people are badly hit. Every citizen of the country should ask questions and hold govt. accountable for the crises devastating the country.
    It is not that facilities were completely not reachable but it is due to negligence and my-chair-first approach, leaders least caring about the people of the country. Facilities could have been provided if acted on time and spent diligently. Unfortunately, we didn't find guts in the leadership to make proper supplies and essential requirements in the hospitals and results are in front of us.
    Criticising the govt is a genuine thing, there is nothing wrong to ask questions to the govt for the crises. India right now is procuring everything from outside and therefore proves the country is completely dependant on others despite our available resources. But unfortunately, we have power-hungry people who have collapsed the system so badly that it seems difficult to return to normalcy in near future!
    If you don't have the courage to ask questions to the govt, those who are asking the questions, don't oppose them. This good for nothing govt. must be held accountable for the crises.

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    Congress is unable to sense the crisis and its leader alone under the isolation at least have the shame not to criticize good moves.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The practice of politics has been such that the opposition parties of a ruling party keep seeing the opportunity to look down like this. The sad thing is that people are looking after their political interests even in these difficult times. On the one hand, due to the negligence of our incumbent government, a large section of the public has been infected and there is still no reduction in the rate of infection, in such a situation, if the government is expected to help other countries or other If other countries are coming forward for help, then other parties should not give their negative opinion in this. This is not the time to count each other's faults, but to rectify the old mistakes together so that there is at least harm in the future because at present the condition of the country is going to be worst. At this time, the parties should not think about their own interest or blaming each other but about the people whose votes they hold today on this position.

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    Let me ask you why shouldn't Congress do its duty as the opposition? Is there anything wrong with criticizing a government that is ineffective? The same Modi government had been critical when Kerala sought the help of Arab countries during the floods previously. They had ruled that assistance should be sought only with the prior permission of the centre. So, why now? The assessment by the author that the assistance is pouring in due to the intervention of the WHO is not well founded. Let us accept that the diplomatic gimmicks of our PM has proved to be a failure and having neglected the Coronavirus in his yearning for power, he and his team have brought the nation to this crossroad which is pathetic and unacceptable.
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    The present failure to tackle the pandemic should not cause any embarrassment since the progression of the disease has taken in ugly turn because of its wide spread in all the pockets of the country. This is not the time to refuse any help if the same is on the way. We have to see how best it can be controlled by any means - internal or otherwise. There is total failure on all the fronts including beds, oxygen, Remdesivir or providing any help to the patients. If some countries are ready to provide the medical assistance, it needs to be accepted considering the present situation. Instead of giving an ear to the criticism, now is the time to save the patients from this pandemic at all the costs.

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    Update- Global help pouring? The US has already denied India asking for any assistance, meaning that they would provide any help only if officially requested by the government and that says it all. So much so for the Utopian diplomacy of our respected PM.
    “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." -Socrates

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    Modi government completely failed in its prime duty of providing basic facilities of beds, medicines, oxygen, vaccines to the affected people. After first wave central government became so much complacent with regard to the covid pandemic. Central government allowed elections take place in many parts of India, allowed huge gatherings in election meetings, PM himself attended large election gatherings, kumbhmela was allowed and all these things made the pandemic condition worse. How can we say people are not following rules. Here what happened is 'Yadha Raja tadha Praja'. If government is not following strict rules, people also will be in the same way. People are suffering like anything at present. So it is high time for us to take any help either from external or internal source to overcome the present situation.

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