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    Train you child to face all challenges

    Having a child is the great aspiration of many new parents, but nurturing them to be the formidable citizen of future is further more importance. No doubt in this modern era the parents are bestowed with varied cooperation and access to nurture the child, but preparing them to accept all the new challenges that comes in during the course of their growth need to be inculcated and briefed by the parents and systematically make them mentally strong to face any odd situations in life. That would be the great gift from any parent towards their own child.
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    Good advice is given by the author, raising a child is an important duty in which many important factors have to be taken care of, only then we can get the children to struggle with life along with the facilities. Childhood lessons given by parents become a habit of life for children. For example, to be successful in life, the most important is the proper use of time. If this education is given to children in childhood, then they will not have any difficulty in time management when they grow up. Similarly, it is necessary from time to time to make the children aware of some selections also. Nowadays most of the parents want to give their children a life of comfort, which is a good thing, but when the children start getting everything without any hard work, then they grow up and become children in the habit of this relaxed life and such They start running away from hard work, so make the children hardworking from the beginning, give them some work, and get the habit of working

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    Nice thread posted by the author. Having children is considered as God gift only and is a matter of great rejoice for the parents. Who does not like the smiling and playful babies in the house. But when they start growing then the real challenge comes for the parents as they have to be taught not only good manners and etiquette but gradually they have to learn the various aspects of their lives beginning with the schooling phase and then slowly entering the stream of a professional job. Many children are not able to face the challenges which suddenly crop up in their lives. In such a scenario it is the duty of the parents to inculcate all sort of inspiration and encouragement in the children's lives so that they can face the challenges.
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    Parents have responsibilities to raise their children with love, care and affection and generally, parents fulfil their duty sincerely and affectionately but the author has taken another aspect of their duty that parents are required to train them to face every challenge in coming years. His thought is good. I think time teaches everything to them. When they grow up they began to know the reality of life. They learn how to live in this world and how to face different challenges in their lives by experiencing different sources - stories which are told to them, manners that are taught to them, their books, movies, tv programmes, videos, videos games, family environment, social surroundings etc all these external elements train them to face every challenge in life. But primarily, the teaching of manners by parents create foundations for their children. They should transform their children into brave boys and girls. Their love and affection should not make them weak, coward or shirker.

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    These days bringing up a child properly is a big challenge. Parents want their kids to be very comfortable and have all the luxuries at their disposal. In that pursuit, both the parents go for jobs so that they will have enough money to fulfil all the wishes of their kids. So they may not be having sufficient time to take care of their kids.
    In the olden days, parents used to have more kids and they used to bring their children up based on their financial position. But these days that tendency is changed. Another issue is the competition. These days anywhere and everywhere we see heavy competition only. To get a seat in a school, to get a seat in a college and then getting a job, everybody is facing many difficulties.
    So parents should see that their children will understand the issues properly and face the challenges in the right way. It is the responsibility of the parents to make their children ready to face the challenges.

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