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    China initiated a silent world war III and won the war too.

    Dear Members
    Would it be wrong if I say that China had initiated World War III silently and successfully won the war without any gunfire and blood shed.
    Yes. Chinas COVID casualities are the lowest in the world. It is below 4000. Whereas many other countries have lost millions of lives and have become economically weak.
    The whole world is suffering due to the second wave of corona, whereas Chinese don't go to hospital for any treatment. They take precaution with local home treatment.
    Your good comments please.
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    The author has raised an interesting issue why China, Epicenter of coronavirus has controlled spreading virus whereas in other parts of world the virus spread quite swiftly, especially, in second surge India is the most affected country. Our P.M has decentralised decision making power to impose lockdown or not and has urged people to follow guidelines. But how china won the war against the corona virus.
    - Guidelenes were followed by government officials, local administration and people. No gathering was allowed to organise any rally or function in the entire country.
    - The central leadership acknowledged the effort of the "first line of defence" and made provisions availabke for the benefit of the workers like subsidies, provision of health equipment, insurance, publicity, and other institutional support.
    - These local bodies were free to work with the coordination of local administration. They were proven instrumental to the the government machinery and worked on grass root level. They played most important role in controlling virus.
    - Vaccination program is being administered strictly.

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    I agree with the author. Without using any weapon China won over almost all the countries in the world. Some may have the doubt that the figures that are being shown by China are not actuals. But overall we can say that the condition in China is far better than in many other countries. China lost heavily in the first wave but not in the second wave. China proved that they are far better than almost all countries in solving the problems and facing calamities. They recovered fast and now they are going strong.
    always confident

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    The topic was discussed earlier too. Nevertheless, the author could have brought up this point in common thread on COVID.
    “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." -Socrates

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