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    Good thoughts are the foundation of good deeds.

    This world values our karma or deeds, and we get success or failure in our life only on the basis of our deeds. Every person performs good or bad deeds all the time and gets results accordingly. Many times we do not understand why something bad happened to us, how can this wrong karma happen. All this comes as a reflection of our thinking. If we think well for someone, then we do not need to show it, because our thinking is reflected in our actions automatically. One should always keep his thoughts good and positive because these thoughts go ahead and appear to the world in the form of your deeds.
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    Whatever you give will come back to you in one form or the other. If you help somebody when there is a need, somebody will come to your rescue when you are in a problem. This is proved many times. If you deceive a person, definitely you will get deceived by someone.
    That is why all our elders suggest to be good with others and also to do good deeds only. Another belief is that if we do good our children will have a better time on this earth. But here the individual's mentality and thought process will also have a say.
    By doing daily prayers and meditation our mind will be always pure and we will have good thoughts only. When we have good thoughts we will never get tempted towards bad doings.

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    The author assumes that what happens in one's life is the result of deeds. If he does good deeds, the result is good and if deeds are bad the result is bad. But further, she puts her doubts about why some bad happens despite not committing any bad deed. She thinks that it is nothing but the impact of thinking- positive or negative. How a person thinks result comes accordingly or at least it appears so.
    I know the very simple thing that we should focus on performing good deeds and should try our best to refrain from committing any bad deed. Our intention should be pure to help this mankind. Helping mankind is a great deed, it results in mercy upon the doer. Helping fellow humans and animals is a great deed in my views. It gives happiness to our heart and peace to our mind which affects our health positively.

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    Right from the childhood, we have been trained by the parents for the good thoughts and positive attitude and thus it will inculcate into good habits the life along. And we should have good peer group by virtue of it we will have good advice and good career in the life. One thing is sure if the child is having positive and good thoughts, he will also create good other citizens. Even the schools are targeting those students who has the ability to lead others and understand other by virtue of their home learning of good manners. Therefore the future is bright for the good thought emanating students.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Our mind is a very powerful entity and many of our actions are based on the instructions sent from the mind to other parts. It is natural that good thoughts in our mind or positive attributes will lead to better actions or good deeds. In our culture there is an emphasis of keeping our mind full of good thoughts and noble ideas and it is said that it would help us in many ways.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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