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    How about giving MSP directly to farmers account?

    In the recent past there was a huge uproar and stir by the farmers over the new farm bill of the center and then the stir was stopped after court intervention of having appointed committee to look into the matter. Now the Punjab government has decided to credit the MSP directly to the farmers account there by getting rid of middlemen either too operating to have the MSP from the governemnt. This way every state can emulate the Punjab model and give succor to the farming community who can now have access to direct credit for their produces.
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    This is going to be a positive and good initiative. Through this, small and marginal farmers will now benefit more, especially those farmers who were troubled by moneylenders. Now the final price of the produce of the farmer going directly to the farmer's own bank account will reduce corruption. Its benefits will also be available to those farmers who do farming on land by taking rent. With this system, farmers will be able to get a fair price for their produce and thus transparency can be established. Now the farmers will not have to go around the businessmen for lack of their rights and hard work.

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    How MSP amount will be transferred directly to the farmer's account, I don't know but if there is a way to purchase farmers product on MSP it will be a great step for the farmers but the author has mentioned that this step has been taken by Punjab government where farmers' crops are purchased on MSP. They don't have this problem. But what about M.P. and Bihar etc where farmers are deprived of selling their crops on MSP.
    The author has written about middlemen. They play their role in the open market whereas crops on MSP is sold to the government department - FCI; and there is no role of middlemen in this situation.

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    Farmers Aadhaar and bank account are linked to the fertilizer purchase and the same is used here.
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    Who will be the purchaser? If the government purchases, they can get the amount credited into the bank account of the farmer. If private party purchases, how we can rely on this bank transfer. How much material was purchased and what is the rate per unit is not known. Generally, no invoice will be raised by the farmers. So how to verify the authenticity of the value is not known.
    As per labour laws for the workers in a company, minimum wages are to be paid. There are some companies where the company will transfer the amount as per the minimum wages act. The management asked the worker to withdraw the amount from the bank and some cash is to be paid to management. For example, X is the salary as per minimum wage and Y is the salary accepted by the worker from the management. Then the difference that is
    X -Y is to be paid by the worker to the mnagement.
    Like this, if there is an intention of deceiving the system we can do that. There will be many ways to do that.

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    This is my experience of past decade that whatever can be done in this country to improve the governance is through the digital online route only so that the corrupt people do not get opportunity to make money through all illegal ways. In many areas Govt is able to execute many processes in online and that is showing very encouraging results. There are some clever and evil people who always search for areas to mint money through wrong ways and in that situation only this online comes to our rescue. Paying farmers directly is a great decision and it has given a big setback to the false farmer's agitation which is going in the country and the middlemen are very much perturbed with this decision. If all the payments are made online then the brokers will not get an opportunity to fool the farmers or some other gullible people who do not understand the knitty gritty of the cash payments lined with the greed and dishonesty of the middlemen.
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    If the Punjab Government has taken an initiative which could provide them substantial relief. They need not go elsewhere for the final payment of the MSP of the produce. However, the other state government should also follow the same line so that such payments don't require the involvement of the middle men. However, in Bihar, MP where the middle men are active going door to door for the collection of produce providing the farmers a paltry sum for their products and in that situation the farmers cannot deny their offerings since any reluctance from their end would further make the situation worse. Let it be resolved in such a manner so that they too are benefited in the similar lines.

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    The Central and State governments procure food grains from the farmers at the minimum support price(MSP). They do not purchase all the produce. The farmer has to sell most of his produce in the open market where the price is likely to be less than the MSP. The farmers' main demand is that all their products be purchased at not less than MSP. This they want to be added in the recent bill for which the government is not ready. The government says it will give in writing but not add it to the Farmers Act. The agitation is continuing.
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    Govt purchases the farm or agricultural products through FCI which is the nodal agency and it seems that FCI cannot buy so much from the farmers which means that some produce has to be sold directly in the market. This is to be seen whether this part sells in the market at more price then MSP or not. If not then farmers will like to sell to Govt only the whole produce. This is a tricky situation as Govt cannot commit to buy all the agricultural product as FCI will not have the storage and maintenance space. Govt can alternatively outsource this job of buying the extra farm produce some agency for this work of that is feasible to solve the present crisis.
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    Farmers are demanding that their crops should be purchased on MSP and for it, they want the protection of the law that when they will sell their crops to private players they should their crops on MSP and purchasing below than MSP will be a crime. Getting the payment online or offline are secondary issues.

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