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    Why expect more from girls in household chores?

    Although the time has changed a lot and in today's time, women and men can handle both office and household chores, but in some cases, it may take more time to change the thinking. I saw a video a few days ago, in which some women are cooking in the kitchen, some men are sitting in the hall watching TV and some children are playing in a room. There are 2 girls and 5 boys in those children. After cooking, a woman comes and tells the two girls to help them to serve and asks the other boys to sit with the men for having food. This is a common example of what we often see around us. After all, why is a girl expected to help in household chores since childhood, and if people have to expect this from children, then why do not they expect the same from the boys of their home? On the day this discrimination will be completely eliminated, the word like empowerment will not be required on that day.
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    What I believe that the girls are trained by the mother in such a way from the young age that they should know all the intricacies of kitchen and household work, so that she should not face any problem with the in laws house when gets married. Moreover I have invariably found that the girls are most interested to do work with mother whereas the boys are playful and wont enter kitchen. By virtue of this the girls get more attracted to the home needs and home works and she gets trained over the course of time and by the time marriage is performed she would be perfect daughter in law in the husband house.
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    Old habits die hard. Our society is so accustomed that females should work in the house and gents should work outside. If a farmer wants some help in the field he will definitely call his son only but not the daughter. As mentioned by the author we are seeing some change these days. Many gents are also sharing the domestic works with ladies. Similarly, ladies are also going out attending the outside works. But 100% change has not taken place yet. It may take some more time I feel.
    In villages, I see ladies only cooking in the houses. But in towns and cities, there is a big change. Daytime all may be eating in their office canteens. Many are employing some maids for all the household works. I feel the parents should train their children both in household works as well as outside works so that tomorrow if any need comes they need not worry. These days parents are treating sons and daughters in the same way. of course, there may be a few exemptions.

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    This is in our culture. There is some change in this pattern because many females are well educated and doing jobs and are not able to give more time in kitchen or household work but still this distinction continues in our society. In every house we will conspicuously find this differentiation between the two genders. Traditionally, females are supposed to take full care of household especially the kitchen part. So, this trend is not going to change so easily as their roots are very deep. Many males will never accept working in kitchen not because they do not know cooking and other things but because they feel themselves privileged in this respect since time immortal. I do not like that approach from my personal point of view but that is the fact of life and a reality in our society. So, this expectation is going to be there for quite some time.
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    Being a woman I can understand this issue of expectation from the girls in a better way. The household jobs and kitchen management was always a thing reserved for the women whether they liked it or not. Most of the women accept this as their destiny and do not complain or talk about it. This is something designed in pre-historic times and it is not so easy to change it.
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    The author has raised similar issues in other threads also. I hope she might have changed this whole system in order in her family. A question comes to my mind, I hope the author would answer honestly?
    Do her father and brothers perform household chores instead of her mother and herself?
    If yes, then I would congratulate her to change this patriarchal system in her home.
    As we know this is our ages-long tradition to run a happy family home that a man is responsible for earning money for his family and a woman has the responsibility to perform household chores. This is the ground reality of our social system. And as a matter of fact, it can't be changed. However, if a woman does a job and earns money for her family then it is the duty of the man also to perform some household chores. I don't like that a woman should be given double responsibility.

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    This is the system that we are seeing since ages and which cannot be changed easily. Everywhere a women is expected to work selflessly at home and serve others. In this process, I have seen many women who do not even consider themselves and never prioritize their needs just for the sake of others and men consider that this as absolutely normal and treat that as the right way for women.
    Changing this is difficult and in order to change this system, women should first change nodding their heads and accepting all the household burden as hers. Then she can expect some help from men or she will always be taken for granted

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    Being patriarchal does not mean that children should start being discriminated against from childhood. I am happy to say that this system is somewhat different in my family, both my nephew and niece help in some household work.
    The same thing has often been said by the author that, the duty of the male of the family is to arrange the income and the duty of the woman is to manage the family and the children. You are also aware of modernity where times are changing and husband and wife served both the family and office responsibilities. Ancient traditions are always honorable, but a change in them according to time is the rule of the world. People still do not use mobiles with the same keypad that their forefathers may use, today is the time of android phones and approximately everyone is using them. When there is nothing wrong with adopting modernity, then why can't we adopt some changes related to the responsibilities of work in the family?

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    Just because girls are more sincere than boys. Girls have more dedication and devotion to their duties. They are not Kaam Chor. They are trustworthy and reliable. This is what I observed in my life.
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