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    Why India is not coming up in sports?

    India is a very highly populated country. The youth in India is not inclined towards sports. Except in cricket, we are not showing any merit in other games or sports. Our medal tally and performance in the Olympics is an indication of our poor performance in sports.

    Indian youth are inclined more towards doing a professional course and then getting good employment. The parents also encourage their kids towards such goal only. This may be the main reason for this I feel.

    In addition to the above, there are many other reasons. Mismanagement and corrupt practices by the authorities involved may be demotivating the talented players and they are not able to perform at the required level.

    There may be problems like lack of infrastructure, very little fund allocation for sports development etc. The government should think about this and come out with a plan to improve the capability of the country in the arena of sports.
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    This topic has been discussed umpteen times even though it is posted time and again and gets good response from our members. It is the fact that except cricket other sports are not given the due importance and that is the reason being so even in Olympics we are not able to win gold medals commensuration with the population we have. The reason being the politicians who are not allowing government to take formidable decision to give fillip to other sports and cricket being the high earner for the country is given more priorities, There must be deep thinking on the matter and everyone should fight for more importance of all sports in the country.
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    If Govt gives due consideration to the area of sports and motivates the young generation to go for it by remunerating them adequately then people will rush for this area. Due to Covid-19 there is a set back in this area as physical meeting during games is now restricted but soon this phase would change and things will become normal. Sports and game are the area which require continuous practice and regular exercises etc to get proficiency in them. Once young people start entering this area for their career and livelihood the scope will naturally increase and India will shine in this area through its young generation.
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    Cricket is the most favourite game in our country. The young generation is interested in cricket only, hardly any other games and sports attract them. Why the young generation is more inclined to cricket than any other games may be a question of discussion. But the most important question is why only a few medals win in the Olympic games.
    India is a very large country- in population as well as in size, nevertheless, small countries win more medals than India. It should be a matter of concern for us.
    Since cricket gets sponsors easily, so cricket players are generally rich whereas other sports don't attract sponsors to invest their money. It creates a big problem for the board and players. The government spends money on other sports but there is a fixed amount for each game and this fixed amount is not sufficient to create world-class players.
    Another reason is undue political interference. Chairman and other members are appointed from the political field or those who have political push. You will hardly see former or retired players as chairman or selector of different sports.

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    Seeing that most of them want guarantees in their career and perhaps that is why they like to choose subjects or careers which will give them the best opportunities of employment. As far as sports is concerned, firstly, there is no special training or opportunity in sports for every youth, and secondly, the reaction of the parents of the children towards the game is also quite neutral as the government does not take much interest in this field. In such a situation, the inclination towards games is reduced and sports become only a means of entertainment.

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    I think there has been a great improvement in various sports in the last decade. We may still not competing at world level in many sports but still we are competing at the very highest level in Asia in many sports. For me things are certainly going in the right direction. In 2014 Asian Games we bagged 57 medals and in 2018 Asian Games we bagged 70 medals and in upcoming Asian Games 2022 I am expecting India to win more than 70 medals.

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    Lack of proper management and proper infrastructure is responsible for lack of sportspersons in India as per my concern. There is lack of proper resources. People are unable to provide thei r children basic education then arranging sports goods for them is a cumbersome task.

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