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    ETV Network launched multilingual children's channels ETV Balabharat

    Mr.Ramoji Rao, the owner of Eenadu Newspaper, Ramoji Film city of Hyderabad, Multilingual news channels, as well as entertainment channels of various languages, now started a special 24 hours channel for children called 'Balabharat' in 12 languages from 27th April 2021. Definitely, without any doubt, these channels will entertain and enlighten children taking into the past history of Mr.Ramoji Rao's ETV channels. This special children's channel expected to provide adventure, comedy, action. Mystery, fantasy, films, etc. genres are expected to be seen in these programs. Definitely, these channels will provide good valuable content for the children to get entertained in the coming future. So, it is a good welcoming relief for the parents and children. The Balbharat channels can be viewed in Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, and English languages.
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    Good effort on the part of ETV channels to go in for the Balabharath children channel spanning in various languages across the country and it would be instant hit with the small audience. Either too there are few channels dedicated to the children and mostly are the cartoon channels and not educative. And we know ETV has been in the spearhead of providing good entertainment to the Telugu audience and their news channel is out of any controversy and thus earned the reputation of good news channel. The same legacy would be continued to show good programs for the children's interest as it is often seen that South India history and the past is not covered by any channel so far and ETV has immense growth and acceptance and I believe even the elders would watch the programs for the sheer interest and knowledge enhancements.
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    This seems to be a very ambitious project to launch these channels in so many languages catering to the needs of the children and youngsters. If they maintain the quality and content such endeavours have a lot of scope for increasing the viewership and seeing the big population of our country we can expect good progress also in such ventures. Let us see how these channels compete with already existing many channels in the TV arena. ETV is already a reputed brand name in the TV entertainment area and with this addition to their kitty they may flourish more and more in the industry.
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    If ETV is taking up its ambitious planning of its expansion in the different languages across the country, it can provide its quality entertainment in the various subjects and the children of the different regions will be immensely benefited. This help this channel to enhance its viewership.There is dearth of viewership if the programme contains valuable informations and enriched content of entertainment. They need to see the existing channels how they are appealing to the viewers and accordingly they can introduce their own plannings. If they succeed in their attempts, they can make enough money in their channels.

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    Ramoji Rao is a successful businessman and many of his ventures are successful. Eenadu is the game-changer in the newspaper industry in Telugu states. Till that paper was introduced, in villages we were getting newspaper very late in the day. But he planned the distribution in such a way that the paper will reach the remote village also by early morning. That made his paper very popular and attained very good circulation. At the same time, he is the first to introduce the District edition and started giving news of the district also. This is made that paper again very popular.
    His TV channels are famous all over the country and he started channels in many languages. His Ramoji film city is a world-class film studio and many films from other countries are also made here. I hope that his new channel will also be received by the viewers well.

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