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    Orientation programmes should be imparted to the employees in their interest areas

    Most of the people are inclined to work or function in the area towards which their mind is oriented. For example if a person is kind hearted and wants to help the poor or needy then it means that his orientation is in the direction of helping poor people. Different people have got orientation in different direction. That generally decides their main field of activity. In many organisations the employees are given orientation trainings in certain specified areas to make the employees aware about those terrains so that they can work proficiently in those areas. Every person has a liking or disliking for a particular area of work and functioning and it may so happen that he may not like someone or the management to orient him to that area which is in no way his choice. So any orientation programme is to be offered or given to a person only after seeing his interest and liking so that he can excel in that and the organisation also gets benefited in the process. Time to time organisations feel the need for orientation programmes for their employees at different levels to bring them at par with the industry practices as well as to make them aware of the happenings in the business environment. The orientation programmes help the employees to learn the newer skills as well as to understand the changing business environment and this is very much essential for the survival of any business unit or organisation. In essence, the orientation programmes are a win-win situation for the employer as well as the employees. Generally the companies give their employees opportunity to undertake orientation programmes in the area of their interest by choosing the field from the given allowable options.

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    I agree with the author that everybody wants to choose his career in the favourite field. It may be due to kind of attraction for him or chances of promotion and increments in salary are high etc. So he chooses the stream and subjects accordingly, e.g. if a student wants to become a doctor, he will choose PCB but if he wants to become engineering then he will choose PCM.
    A company also selects those candidates who have the required qualifications. The author has focussed on the orientation programme conducted by the company. This orientation programme may be useful for the growth and progress of the firm but it is not feasible for every aspirant until they have the required qualifications and abilities also. Merely, proclivity or interest or orientation will not work until the person fulfils the eligibility criteria also. Another point is that mainly such kind of experiments for selecting expertise is feasible in the service sector, I think in primary and secondary sectors this experiment will no be successful.

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    As the company grows it is imperative that some frontline workers or employees need to be taken to new heights of promotion and they need to be give the orientation program of new arrangement and requirements. Normally the best employees of the company are takin into the program because they already know the working style of the company and yet they want to learn more for the new task ahead. The company may conduct orientation program for the new products to be introduced, new branch that is going to be opened shortly or making ready some employees to accept managerial position and give way to new employees to occupy their space. One thing is sure the company needs new hands and new face for every phase of their expansion and orientation program from professionals are often arranged to make them aware.
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    The industrial sectors are here to stay for its business expansions and this can be possible with the matching workforce capable enough to raise production to the optimum level. They need the the best workers to be chosen for an induction programme where their skills can be nurtured further in the areas where the management is interested for starting a new product with the experienced man power. Hiring such employees externally would require further expenses causing additional expenses to the management. The solution lies in the upgradation of the skills of the existing workforce with some induction programme to horn their skills. In such an attempt the best performers are to be selected having their desire to excel their best in the new product for which management is interested. This serves twin purpose firstly the management is gaining by way of offering less emoluments in comparison to selection of experts externally and secondly the company is offering opportunities to their own staff for the development of their potentials.

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    Many companies and organisations time to time conduct the orientation programmes for updating the skills of their employees and there is a training schedule for that. It is a type of preparation for new type of job or to cope up with the modified systems and procedures. Orientation courses are the backbone of a company in the sense that in the coming times the tasks and other activities do not suffer because of lack of new things that employees are not aware of. In some organisations people are assessed for their capabilities and performance levels and accordingly they are given new assignments or lateral shifting in the same company. For this also an orientation programme is essential. I remember during my service days we had a programme like - 'Finance for the non-finance people' and it was very popular as some senior people were much benefited by it.
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    Whenever an employee joins a new company, its initial phase is spent in understanding the company's needs and its job profile. In this process, the training of new amplitudes is given for some time, which includes orientation programs, induction processes, etc. In these training days, the employee further enhances the qualities which are essential for a job. Apart from this, they develop new quality within themselves, which will help them to complete the company's needs. The orientation program's approach should be such that qualified employees can be made more perfect. It is very important to understand the working environment and work process before joining it on the floor.

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    The world is fast changing. The requirements are changing. The expectations from the employees by the employer are also changing from time to time. What the employee learned in his education may not be useful for the developments that are taking place in the field of his work. So the employer will see that his employees will get the required skills and in that pursuit, they will organise orientation programmes for the employees. The HR department will decide about the orientation programmes for their employees as per the recommendations made by the department head. In selecting them the head of the department and HR department should see that the correct candidate is recommended for the correct program. Here they should take the interest of the candidate also. Then only they can get maximum output from the employee after the orientation program.
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    Many big companies or MNCs do have orientation programs for their employees at regular intervals that will help them to improve their skills, learn new technology or methods that will enhance their work, personality and even help the company to get maximum output from them. As we know that many new inventions, technology, and programs help to maximize the output, and updating it from time to time is very essential for the employer, employees, and the company. It not only helps to increase the overall productivity but also helps to increase the efficiency of every worker. Orientation does not mean only about learning new methods or technology, it is also about improving communication skills, presentation, physical well being, etc which give positive energy to every person and in turn helps the company go have a better working environment in the company an add better productivity from its employees. When a company imparts orientation programs, they are not only investing in its workers or employees but in the long run, it will benefit the company by getting more efficient outp[ut from them.
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