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    Firstever orientation of life: Done by parents.

    What is orientation?
    It's simple introduction to new surroundings. So when we are new to this world, each aspect of life is introduced to us with due guidance of our parents. We are unknown to this ugly world(seems ugly if we are orphan) without them. So I consider that basic orientation is done by our parents. If firstever orientation is the best then whole life would be worthy. Here I want to take an example that when employees are oriented in a new firm very well then their zeal towards work is very high and they performs their job in a best way, my submission is that if a child is oriented well then he/she would perform in every job of life(field here) in the best way. I want to end my words by saying that dear parents, if you optimistically orient your child to this world then their enthusiasm towards life would be very high and they would lead their life with flying colours.
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    I agree with the author that parents teach us about this wonderful world. Parents are the source of our arrival on this planet. When we open our eyes they teach us how to speak and they introduce everything to us and we begin to recognise them, they teach us good manners and try their best ro transform us into decent and successful persons.
    This life is also our teacher. It teaches us what reality of this world is and how this world functions. Who are friends and who are enemies? What goodness is and what is badness is, and how to deal with them. We keep on experiencing new aspects of life and we keep on exploring unknown areas which open new dimensions for us. This life is a long procedure to undergo different phases which make us known to new avenues and opportunities. We learn how to surmount impediments which thwart us to succeed if we are careless. This life teaches a lot and we continue this whole process till we exist on this planet.

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    Nice thread from the author connecting to the tow to[pic and it is the fact that every parent introduce new things and make awareness to the child from small age and thus we are very much indebted to our parents as we keep on learning the knowledge from their onward. Children are bound to have lots of doubts in their young minds and parents play very important role to make them aware of all things at the growing age. In this regard we must say very many thanks to the mother, because she is near and dear to the child and knows all the requirements and knowledge enhancement done at the right age. That is the reason being so , when the child is grown up it reflects how the parents and especially made the hard work in up bringing the child and the behavioral patterns testify as how the child was given immense orientation by the mother,.
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    Coming to your post, parents can do a lot of things in shaping the future of the child by inculcating so many things in him which he can then use for his personality development and career in studies and work life. The child learns many things during the growing up period and parents have an important and crucial role in it.

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    Dev Arora, welcome to the ISC. Even though you have come here as a new member, but your thread has identified you as a good writer. I totally agree with you that parents are the ones who can provide the best orientation to their children. Every parent wants their child to live a happy life with a good career and at the same time gives good rites to his child by giving him the best upbringing. Parents should also present a good example in front of their children to adopt the right approach to give good learning. Parenting is the greatest responsibility for parents, not only for their child but for society also, so it is very important to keep the best orientation towards children upbringing.

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    Dev Arora, Welcome.
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    Parents are the first Gurus in everybody's life. Children learn from observing their parents. So as mentioned by the author the first orientation program will be always for the parents only. Afterwards, the teachers will come into the picture.
    So always parents should see that their children will get oriented properly in their lives.

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    The post is true that our first orientation is at home from our parents and family members. They are the ones who teach us and make us aware of everything from the basics to everything that one needs to understand the world. As we grow, we go to school, makes friends, etc and use our basic knowledge to succeed in life. So, if the first lesson is taught and sown deep, it will surely give good result throughout ones life.

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