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    Will the sunlight give a similar effect at sunrise and sunset?

    Sunlight is a very important source of energy for us and hence it is advisable that one should spend some time under direct sunlight. Nowadays, due to the lifestyle of the people and being more conscious about one's appearance, many people avoid exposure to the sun. But still, we know the benefits of sunlight and would not mind facing the Sun in the early morning hours. But some people who wake up late due to different reasons may opt to catch some sunlight in the evenings when the sun is again in the same position but in the opposite direction of where it was in the morning. My doubt is whether Sunlight in the evening hours gives the same effect as in the morning. Members, please share your experience and advice regarding this.
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    In winter, most people spend their morning hours in open space where they are exposed to sunlight because extreme cold shivers them and the warm sunlight gives relief to their body. But staying under the sun for long hours, apparently, affects human skin. In summer when we face scorching heat we refrain from direct sunlight. Some people use umbrellas to protect themselves from direct exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is said to be a big source of vitamins but spending too much time under the sunlight affects the skin also.
    Nowadays the lifestyle of people has changed. Their time is spent in air-conditioned rooms and chambers. When they are in their homes they remain within four walls equipped with air-conditioner, they travel in air-conditioned cars/vehicles, their offices are also fully air-conditioned and thus they don't come under direct sunlight. Many of them even don't see the sun because of their busy schedule.
    I know one thing that every natural thing has something good for us. Indeed there are side effects with excessive use but basically, nature is helpful for us.

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    The effect of sunlight at the time of sunrise and sunset would be different. To make it clear, take a pot of hot water. just take the first mug from it and pour it on your body and see the body feel. and feel the mug of water from the bottom of the pot and see the body feel. Nothing can be a better example than this to prove my stand.
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    The effect of early sun rays are quite favourable to us provided we make a programme to be benefited with the exposure of such array. Ensure that the intensity of the sun is not too high since in that that situation, it may darken your colour of the skin because of formation of high pigmentation. The other side effects may be your early exhaustion due to sweating and you may feel thirsty at times. Hence in the winter, enjoying the sun ray at early hours say at 8 am would suit you most if you remain seated in the balcony for half an hour but the summer days, taking sun rays between 7 am to 7 30 am should be preferred.

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    The early morning sunlight is more friendly to us as the thick atmosphere at that time filter many of the radiations from the Sun. At the time of sunset and sunrise light has to travel through thick atmosphere and longer lengths. That is why Sun appears at sunset and the sunrise reddish. But during midday, the light has to travel lesser distances and hence it appears bluish. But there may not be much difference in the light at the sunset and sunrise. But it is better to get exposed to Sunlight at about 10 AM for a little time so that you will get the required levels of Vitamin D.
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    There will not be any appreciable change as regards to the effect of sunlight around dawn or dusk. Still, there will be some differences like the pollution in the environment and the atmospheric temperature and these things might bring some differences and one might feel differently. The effect on the health as perceived will also be different. In general it is advised to take bathe in morning sun rays as that is supposed to be more effective as mentioned in our scriptures also. At the same time if someone cannot get up early then he has no way except the evening sun bathe.
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    On my close observation what I found is that the morning sun is so pleasant, and the breeze would ease our mind and body to great extent that we love to breath easy and have the great walking experience in the park or garden. Whereas the sunset is accompanied by heat of the day and the sultry effect is also felt when we are near the sea shore or the coastal area. And the heat even after great evening would be there thanks to over heat of the day. So sunrise would be pleasant and the sunset would be challenging for every age and for elders they cannot tolerate even sunset heat.
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