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    How can an honest person survive in a corrupt system?

    There are many corrupt people in our country working within various systems due to whom the country is facing many setbacks and problems of all kind. At the same time it is a relief that everyone is not corrupt and there are many honest people also due to whom things are somehow moving ahead albeit in a slow pace. My point is that when an honest person is trapped among the so many dishonest then how he will keep himself clean as well as protect himself from the wrath of others. If he does not obey or agree with the dishonest ones then he will suffer the consequences either by getting a transfer to a remote place or punished for a false case. How can an honest person survive in a corrupt system?
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    Honesty is an integral part of our system but this honesty exists within a dishonest and corrupt system. If anybody wants you to pay ten lac rupees for getting your work done then honestly and sincerely your work will be done by violating all rules and laws. This honesty in a corrupt is system is an amazing thing. An honest officer who does not want to earn extra money is marginalised by the chain of commands. However, an honest officer who keeps himself stay away from this corruption is respected by other officers for his honesty and integrity provided that he does not interfere with their matter. If he tries to stop his staff or his colleagues from taking bribe then he will be pushed aside from the chain and commands system. Those who are not corrupt officers are transferred to a corner of the department where they do not have public dealings or direct interaction with people.

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    True. It is very difficult for an honest person to survive without any obstacles is very difficult in the midst of many corrupt people.
    One of my relatives was an MRO in a Revenue Mandal of Andhra Pradesh. He used to perform his duties very carefully and never went for any corrupt practices. He never complained about transfers. He was shifted many times from place to place but never went to any person for help. He used to go wherever he got the posting and worked there sincerely. He was threatened by many local politicians and never yielded for them. He was always on move. By the time he retired, he was not having any money and he has to survive on his pension only. But he never regretted it. He kept his family in his native place and he alone used to shift to place wherever he was posted.
    I know some people who were forced to accept bribes and disturbed as per the percentages in the office. The whole system is corrupt and it is very difficult for the people who never go for corrupt practices in society to have a peaceful life.

    always confident

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    It is difficult to survive in a corrupt system where an honest person wishes to work honestly for the welfare of his or her society. Any good work faces criticism and setback by the corrupt system. Even a signature on a document from an officer becomes difficult to get in a corrupt and bias system.

    When people are not held accountable for their work, a corrupt system starts breeding in the society and makes sincere people criminalised. Everyone knows the current deadly pandemic. This is the time everyone should join hands and leave personal grudges and difference to help each other. You know patients are in desperate need of oxygen and those who are selling it are selling it at exorbitant rates, not within the capacity of a common man.

    People have stooped to black marketing of oxygen cylinders without caring for the patients gasping for breath. There is no accountability to these people who have made it a death knell for covid patients. When it is mandatory to follow Covid SOP's, police have been seeing flaunting these guidelines in marriage and other party functions. Police are a law enforcing agencies but have been seeing breaking them and throwing then to dustbin!

    From higher authorities to local administration on the ground, system is plagued with corruption that is why indian is facing crises at the moment.

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    Very nice post from the author and it is the fact that surviving in this corrupt system has become more challenging for every one. But there has to be inclusive cooperation from all to weed out the corruption. While the law is more particular about the person who takes bribe and indulge in corrupt practices, but the same law is silent on those who facilitate or encourage the corruption. Invariably what I found that small corrupt persons are caught by the ACB sleuths and big fishes are not caught, because they know how to make corruption through the quid pro method. That is favoring something to get something in return. This way many politicians have involved but the law never caught them. At the same time a government officer of low rank ask for 2000 rupees bribe and when it is taken the ACB would catch him red hand and make headlines.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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