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    How does determining the correct orientation affect the outcome?

    In chemical science, we have come to learn that only the correct orientation of atoms or molecules permits the desired reaction. If not, then the effects generated are not desirable or inadequate.

    In photography, we usually have two orientations either vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape). We can capture pictures utilizing any orientation, but simply the right selection of camera orientation will deliver a great photograph. Otherwise, the results are not extensively convincing.

    Even in normal life, it is very important to identify how to choose the right orientation so that the results are promising.

    Determining the correct orientation is not simple but indeed an arduous practice and patience are needed. A continuous update of configuration is expected to determine the correct orientation. Here configuration may refer to our character, arrangement, adjustment, and path towards understanding and the way of attaining proficiency.

    What are your views on how does determine the correct orientation affects the outcome?

    This is my entry for the TOW contest for April '21- topic-'Orientation'.
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    The author has explained orientation quite fairly. Orientation is required in all walks of life. In chemistry or photography or normal life, well-balanced orientation is needed for a successful result. Everything has its own significance in life. It is unfair one component is given importance and others are neglected. One ingredient is given more weight than the others, rather all ingredients have their own place and quantity to have the best product. Even in a relationship, we must have better chemistry with our partners, friends, relatives, colleagues, spouses. We need a balancing approach to all matters. In this way, most likely, we hope for the best performance in real life.

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    While orientation is required in our life and others life, the author has chosed to convey the importance of the same through the science connectivity and that was awesome.
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    Orientation is connected with inclination and bent in a particular direction. It could be a physical thing or can be a thing associated with our minds. In our lives we have to orient ourselves in the correct direction if we want to achieve the desired results. Orientation also means focus and streamlining our attention to the task in our hand. Many times we want to do a particular work or job but are not sure about the way we should proceed ahead. At that time only the correct direction and sight will come through appropriate orientation of our minds to the desired trajectories. Many successful people orient themselves in the correct direction and do a job in a far better way than many others.
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    The orientation of the electrons in an atom decides the qualities of the product. This is what we learn in quantum chemistry. Similarly, the orientation of the atoms will help some reactions to go fast and stop some reactions. Based on this only the output and its quality is decided in chemical reactions.
    A photographer knows well how to orient his camera so that a nice photograph can be clicked. Using the camera properly is an art and a good photographer knows about the same. When we orient ourselves in the correct direction and put concentrated efforts, the results will be as desired.

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    The writer is very right in noting that correct orientation is required in everything to get the desired output. As mentioned be it science, photography, sports, or normal life, if we practice correct orientation through practice, we will be able to get the right result. It is often seen that many take this orientation as a simple, easy, or unwanted thing but it is a fact that unless a person gets his/her correct orientation, may not be able to get what he/she desired. As the writer has mentioned that continuous update of configuration i.e. one character, arrangement, adjustment, and path towards understanding and the way of attaining proficiency, which is very vital to get the desired result. A good post from the writer for the TOW contest.
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