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    Orientation of tilted Earth towards Sun creates the seasons on Earth

    Sun is the centre of our solar system and many planets revolve around the Sun. It is very massive in size and all the planets which are relatively quite smaller than it are bound to it by its gravity and are attached to it by that invisible force of gravity. Earth is one of these planets and it revolves around Sun completing one revolution in one year time. The path in which the Earth orbits the Sun is almost circular and for all practical purposes we can take the distance between Sun and Earth almost same throughout the year. We have different seasons on Earth like winter, summer, autumn, and spring. The question here arises that if the Earth is at an almost same distance from the Sun then how the seasons are changing making temperatures more or less. This is explained by the fact that Earth is actually tilted along its axis and due to this its orientation towards Sun changes through the year. When the North hemisphere is more exposed towards Sun then we get summer there while when the southern hemisphere is more exposed to sunlight, we get summer in it. It is very interesting to observe that due to this tilting when it is summer in Europe, North America, and Asia, we have winter in Australia and South Africa. The reverse is also true that when we have summer in Australia and South Africa, we have winter in Europe, North America, and Asia. So, the various seasons and their timings can be explained based on the orientation of the tilted Earth towards Sun while completing its yearly journey around Sun.

    This is my entry for the month end topic based contest on 'orientation'.
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    The author has chosen the out of the way thought process to connect to the topic based contest word Orientation and listed change of season in the most understandable way.
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    A commendable effort has been made by the author which is worthy of praise. The thread is very beautifully connected to the topic of the contest. Earth is the only planet where life can be possible. The amazing structure of the Earth and its definite distance from the Sun is the reason for the existence of man or any creature today. The Sun's vertical rays move continuously from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn and accordingly the winds also change and the Earth's tilt of 23.5 degrees on its axis is an important reason due to which the weather changes.

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    The author used his Physics knowledge to make a good presentation connecting the earth movement with the TOW topic. The earth is rotating around itself while moving around the Sun. This is making different parts of the earth come near the sun and some parts away. This is only causing us the day and night cycle. Based on the position of the Earth while moving will be deciding the seasons in that part of the earth. These facts are explained well using the word orientation. A good attempt from the author.
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    Nice post by the author about the orientation. Not merely earth but all planets tilt according to their kind. Which is in astronomical terms called obliquity. Obliquity is an angle between an object's rotational axis and its orbital axis. As the earth rotates in its axis as well as orbit around the sun. Earth obliquity is around 23.45 degrees which varies little throughout the year. Imagine if this obliquity doesn't exist we have almost the same season throughout our life and what kind of species exists in earth?

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    The author has chosen this solar system to present his entry in this contest. He beautifully explained his views. What the author has written, we are taught in schools. The earth is round in shape and rotates on its axis. How seasons are changed the author has written the same theory which we are taught in schools.
    We see other theories also like many people believe that this earth is flat and they are called as flat earthers. Other theories also come up that the earth doesn't move around the sun, rather all planets move around the earth. They have their own logic.
    How this whole system is working is beyond our perception. How these heavenly bodies are functioning within their orbit. Who control these heavenly bodies. How this whole universe is functioning.
    I see some people believe that this entire system is the result of the big bang and all planets were created out of thin air.

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    A good topic to come up with on the TOW topic - Orientation. We all have studied in our school about the earth's rotation around the sun and the changing of the season due to its rotation along its axis, the time is taken for it to complete one rotation about its axis and around the sun. It is good to read again and refresh our memory and understand much better the concept of changing season due to rotation and revolution of the earth around the sun. Our members have also given their point which gives a more clear picture of the topic discussed and making the point more clear for everyone.
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