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    A memorable day for me in mylife

    Today I am very happy. I have become a grandfather again today. My second daughter-in-law delivered a baby today. This is their first child. Now I am a grandfather to three girls. My elder son has two daughters. We came to Kakinada today for the delivery and both the baby and the mother are healthy and safe. I and my wife went to the hospital and seen both of them. I want to share my joy with all the members of ISC. A happy day in my life and I thank God for all that whatever he has given me so far in my life.

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    Very many congrats to the author on becoming the new grand father and thus he must be feeling very happy for inclusion of one more family members. It is great that all the three are female children and that would go well with them because in our house we call birth of girl child brings wholesome luck to the family and girl children are really adorable for many reasons. That they would be abiding by the elders of the family and the girl children always take care of parents in daily chores of life and girl child would be fathers pet. I really appreciate the author for sharing this information and we are also elated.
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    Congratulation to you and your family, this is really a memorable day for your family. There is a famous quote for grandparent's love for their grandchildren, that is, 'The lure of interest is more compelling than that of the principal itself' so it is understandable your and your family's happiness. We all give lots of blessings and love to the newborn baby girl, and wishing a good health for the baby and the mother.

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    Congratulations to Dr.Rao on this happy and memorable day. May God bless you and your family with happiness, health and wealth. Please take care about health care precautions.

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    May God bless you all. I wish your all three grand-daughters may have happy and successful lives.

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    Congratulations on becoming the grandparents of the beautiful baby. May God bring more happiness, health, and prosperity to your family.

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    Birth of a baby in the family is always a matter of happiness and rejoice and I also congratulate you on this occasion of becoming grandfather to the present baby who is the third girl child born in the whole family.
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    Many congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of a new member! Glad to note that the mother and the child are keeping fine.
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    Nice that you have shared the good news with all of us here and being a member of the ISC family I am very happy with this addition in your family and wholeheartedly congratulate you on becoming grandpa again.
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    Very pleased to have an ISCian who is grandfather of three grand girl children. May God bless all.
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    I thank all the members of ISC who conveyed their best wishes to me and my family members. I am very happy I received so many best wishes. I conveyed your best wishes to my family members also.
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    I am very much pleased to note that you have been blessed with a grand daughter. Now you will be enjoying the love of three grand daughters. I congratulate you on becoming a grandparent again.

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    Congratulations to you and your family and my blessings to the baby who has brought so much joy to all of you.
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