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    Why we cannot tolerate humiliation in the crowd ?

    Whether in the home, office, or the society, we cannot tolerate the humiliations meted out in the crowd or in the presence of the group of people. If the problem is grave and need to be taken immediate action, the person could be warned in person and not in front of the others. Just now I was watching a tv program in which the heroine was humiliated by the secretary of the housing society in front of all and the husband gets annoyed for her face off in the meeting. But no one supported her and she runs away from the meeting. What is your take on this issue.
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    I agree with the author. We should appreciate the people for their achievements when they are in a group. But we should not warn them for their mistakes when they are in a group. We should call them separately and tell them their wrong doings and suggest them to correct themselves. When we appreciate in a group the individual will get motivated. If we criticise him in group he will get demotivated and his performance will further come down and he will become very shaky.
    But some people will be doing mistakes intentionally to irritate others and see the fun. We can easily identify such persons. We should not spare such people and we should expose theim by highlighting their mistakes when they are in a group.
    Generally, in offices the bosses will call the employee separately and inform him about the areas where he has to improve. But if the response from the employee is not positive then the boss may shout on him openly.

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    No one wants to be degraded or shamed in presence of others. Every one has got his reputation and prestige. It is better to be aware of this fact and one should never insult a person publicly. If such a thing is done then the insulted person will take it to his heart and may do some harm in the aftermath of that insult creating unnecessary complications and big rift in the relationships.
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    Nobody likes to be insulted in public or presence of some other people. It may be in a gathering or an office or home. It doesn't look nice to see that a boss in a company insults his employees before other employees. Even a father should not insult his son or daughter in presence of their friends or relatives.
    Some of the senior officers are very rude to their juniors and subordinates. They shout at them unnecessary before other employees. Perhaps they want to show other employees that they may also face same humiliation if such mistakes are committed by them too.

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    It would not be a fair attitude to attack a person openly for his minor mistake though he may be intimately closed to you. After all, the nature of the human being is not to tolerate any insult if the same is done publicly. It is applicable every where be it home or otherwise. Hence we must be careful while dealing with the people irrespective of the place. On our home front, we are closely related to one other and if such a rude behaviour is continued, it will sour the relationship and that would prove ultimately detrimental to our relationships. It is always better to pinpoint the mistake of any member by calling him alone and the point where he/she has erred. In our office area, if the boss maintains cordiality by pointing out the mistakes not letting it known to the public. He earns respect for his good gesture and the employee would not be demotivated from his assignments. Let us ignore his behaviour if he bursts out before all under the work pressure and later offers excuses for his intolerance.

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    Humiliation is a word that brings feeling of insult, demoralising, setback, depression, and revenge in a human being. It is definitely an undesired word but sometimes when people humiliate each other or a particular person then it gets too much prominence. Humiliation is the last thing that any person will like to be done with him. Even when a person is alone then also he will be hurt with the humiliation and what to say the condition when one is humiliated in presence of others. Many shrewd and cruel managers use the stick of humiliation to create fear in the employees though that is not in a good taste. The bad thing with humiliation is that it provokes people to take revenge. He did that with me and now let me settle the score - feelings of this type start coming in the mind. It is said that people should not get agitated with the humiliation and keep a control on themselves during that otherwise there is no end to the consequential confrontations created by the humiliation.
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    I totally agree with the author, it is true that when someone insults us in front of everyone, then that humiliation hurts even more. It is always said that whenever you want to praise someone's good works, do it in front of the world, but when you have to tell about something, then that person should be told in private. Some people are naturally like those who find the opportunity to show the person down in front of the others, such people themselves also do not become respectable. If someone is told a mistake in private then it seems a suggestion, not an insult. And on the other side, in front of everyone, if you would probably suggest it, then it feels a kind of insult. Many times the situation has to depend on how the person speaks and how they are feeling.

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