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    Be a closed fist instead of an open palm

    We would often listen to our elders saying that closed fist is better than open palm or upper hand is better than lower hand or giver is always better than the recipient, and message of these sayings is the same that we should establish ourselves as the Man who helps others instead of taking help of others. Once a disciple of a saint decided to leave his place to earn money for his family because in his home town he was not comfortable in earning money. So he went to his teacher and asked him for his blessings and off went. After a few days, he returned. When the saint saw him he asked the reason for his return. He said," Having left my city I set for my journey. After three days I was feeling tired, so I laid under a tree to take a rest. I noticed that a bird came into the tree with an insect in its beak, it left the insect and flew away. After some time it came again and flew away. When I saw it coming again and again, out of curiosity I climbed up on the tree to know what the matter was and I saw a blind snake. It was hungry. The bird was coming with an insect in its beak to feed the snake. When I saw this scene I thought if God has appointed this bird to feed a blind snake, then God may arrange provision for me and my family in my town also.". Hearing him the teacher angrily said," Why did you choose the helpless snake. Why did you not choose the bird instead?'
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    The author has chosen the best heading to convey the message that be a donor and not the seeker. Invariably the regular donors it is seen that those who give the donation are doing so secretly even not knowing to the other hand. I have one Muslim person takes the fist full of currencies and place it on the hands of the seeker and close their hands. It is said that one should not boast of giving donations to others. On the other hand I have also seen extreme publicity seeker in a donor who donated a fan to the temple and chosen to write his name on every wings of the fan and its body. That made be gauge out the difference that those who have regular reach habit for others does not seek any recognition or publicity and they are doing so for their life satisfaction and other so called donors are doing stunt in front of the public in the name of donation.
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    In almost all the cultures the donation or helping is said to be the best thing that is possible in our society. There are so many poor and destitute who are at the mercy of the rich and affluent people and if the rich do not share a small part of their money with these needy people how these poor people will survive. There is no work for them and there is no shelter for them in the country where they are born and are the legitimate citizens. There might be some orphanage and NGOs which look after a few of them but still there is a big number that is dependent on the donors. All the people who are capable to help the needy should do the noble work of helping. It is the biggest gesture of kindness that we can show to others in this life. Never beg for yourself as that is the last resort. Try to do some job that brings the livelihood and then become a donor. The proud feeling of becoming a donor is divine. You are helping the fellow beings. What can be more happier than that.
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    A very nice story with a very good moral. Be a donor rather than an acceptor. This what that guru told his disciple. One should inculcate the habit of giving rather than asking others to help.
    Yesterday I read a piece of news somewhere, where an 85 years old Corona patient gave his bed in the hospital to a 40 years old person who is suffering from corona and no beds are available. That old man said that the life of 40 years person is more important than his life and in three days this old man succumbed to corona and died. How many people can do this? We should salute such people.
    When we help a person who is in difficulties and if that person comes out of the problems we will be the happiest person. We should make a habit of helping others to the possible extent. If we give food daily to at least one person in this times of crisis it will give us immense satisfaction.

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