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    Give room for others to express their views

    Some people have the very bad habit of cutting the views expressed by others there by over riding their right to establish the right statement. Every has the idea, thoughts of varied interest, ideas which can change the very perceptions, in that case we must allow others to speak. Even in the court, no matter the accused may be wrong per others and allegations are being made, the judge do give the chance for the accused to say his version, same way we must allow others to express their views fully so that mater rightly understood.
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    A good suggestion from the author. It is correct that we should give a chance to others also to express their views on the subject. Asking them not to tell or forcing them not to talk is never a wise issue. We don't know the value of their points. Sometimes we get some clues from unexpected source only.
    We should hear what the other person is telling and we should allow him to explain his viewpoint. You may accept his viewpoint or not is your decision. I have seen in many meeting in our office, some people attend the meeting with some preconceived ideas. They try forcing their decisions on others. There will be some people who always agree with them and these people take that as an advantage and force their decisions.
    We should consider the views of others based on the value of the proposal but on the basis of who made that proposal. Then only we will get the best solution for the problems.

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    By denying chance to explain thier views, we are subverting their rights.
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    On this site, no one can force or prevent anyone to express their views. I do not know who is denying the chance to explain the views. This is a very liberal site and allows all to express their views provided they stick to the guidelines. The author should have mentioned the instances where he was not allowed to express himself.
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    It may be applied to some talkative people who don't allow others to speak because they have huge of talking which they want to unload at every place. I don't take these people seriously however, I allow them silently to let them vent out what they have the latest stock of information. Since I listen to them silently and most of the people ignore them and most of them stop them unhesitatingly, so these babbling people approach me time and again. If they are elder to me I just listen to them silently and if they are younger than me I tell them to stop without let them feeling bad.
    All type of people exist in our society and we can cut them from our lives, we have to stay with them. One of my elder cousin who is an advocate, often, visits my home and sits with me for hours, the reason is that he is too talkative and everybody runs away from him but I listen to him silently, so he visits me to vent out his views, thoughts, knowledge, however, I try to change this meeting to a meaningful dialogue by changing our talk to a healthy discussion.

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    Talking or speaking or writing about any issue is considered a great quality, especially when it is rich in its content but listening to others and giving them ample scope for expressing their views is a greater quality. Some people have it and they earn good respect and reputation in the society or the friends circle where they exchange information and discuss various issues contemporary or otherwise. This behaviour requires patience as well as understanding of the issues and those who are not biased and see things holistically can have a better judgement in these matters. If we are prejudiced and biased in our mind we will be always aggressive and offending in our communicational behaviour and that is I am afraid is not in a good taste. When I was in my active service life then during the lunch break we used to discuss the current affairs of that time in the garden outside our office and everyone was trying to talk and was not allowing others to give their opinion. Then, we made a rule that everyone would talk only for 2-3 minutes so that everyone gets a chance to express himself and it made everyone happy that everyone talked something related to the issue before the lunch time closing bell rang.
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    Good advice is given by the author. It is true that some people have so much attention to their things that they do not want to listen to anyone else. Whenever a topic is discussed, its purpose is that everyone present should give his opinion in the meeting, but some people are only spoken on their own, they do not mind what other person thinks about this subject, and it is necessary to be given a chance to speak. By the way, if a person considers his idea to be just right, then why is he presenting it in front of everyone when he does not have to listen to anyone else. Till we do not give the person a chance to speak, how will we understand that a more different approach is needed and what kind of improvement is necessary? Once the person in front of you completes his talk, after that, if you keep your side, then it is considered as the identity of a decent person.

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    A good number of people feel frustrated if they are not being heard. Their prolonged talk may irritate you to the point you want to say good bye to that gentleman. However, they cannot change their attitudes and would go elsewhere to vent their accumulated thoughts and dialogues. They cannot leave in isolation and as such they remain on the look out different listeners with whom they could share their views. Identify the attitudes of these persons and give some time for these people for the patient hearing of their views so that they remain satisfied. After all they are the part of the society and if you spare sometime for them, you are making them happy a little bit.

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    Great suggestion. Interrupting others when communicating is really a bad habit which prevails in many people. Opinions are definitely change person to person. We ourselves shouting while watching cricket match in the television by saying,'he would bat like this - it is very good catch, but he missed etc.,' without minding that if we were in the ground. Like this others opinion may sometimes, valuable to us, if we interrupt them in the half the loss is to ourselves only.

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