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    Your shyness should not hamper your progress

    Many of them are having one talent or the other, but they fail to display the same when required and when wanted. May be due to feel of shyness they are not coming out in open and that does not mean they need to be written off. Suppose a house hold may be a good chef at the home and if she was asked to cook in the television show, surely she would do mistake and may not come out with all details of good cooking. So the shyness should be removed before attempting any work in public and that should not hamper our progress.
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    Many people find themselves nervous in public. The main reason behind this is that they never performed anything in front of others. They come from such a background where they never get the opportunity to get open with others except with few friends. If someone performs one or two times in front of the public the entire shyness will disappear effortlessly.

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    Shyness is one of the inherent characteristics of people and it is true that due to it the person suffers and is not able to take advantage of the situation and the opportunity available to him in his life time to time. It is a blockage of mind and a complex which create shyness in the people and has an adverse role in their lives. There are some personality development courses which people recommend for getting rid of this trait from ones life and sometimes these help a person in building up his confidence in such matters. Another thing is that one can practice alone by standing in front of the mirror and addressing others.
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    Nice thread posted by the author, due to being more shy than necessary, people often hesitate to meet and talk to outside people and avoid going to the crowd. shyness can be considered right to an extent, but if it hinders progress in your life then it becomes necessary to change this habit. This does not mean that we should abstain from pursuing shyness as a bad habit, but rather add a little confidence in our behavior. When we become self-confident, then the hesitation that we face in front of everyone will end. Many times people are also shy because they think about others and take every step accordingly. We can balance this shy habit by making a few changes in ourselves.

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    Shyness is the inherent drawback of an aspirant and it is rather difficult to give it up though academically they might have done well. On the basis of their high academic performance they can manage the written test of the company and can secure the job of the executive with the board of interview by glancing over written marks. In the later part of their career, they have faced several setbacks due to their shyness. However, some of them could shed this inferiority complex and have done well later by relinquishing such a bad habit but for others they remained in a post of years and ultimately they are treated as the burden. Many of such fellows have been offered voluntary retirements.

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    It is the stage fear that brings in all these problems. In addition to that shyness is another weakness that may hinder our progress. When we were students, we may be knowing the answer to the question asked by the teacher but due to fear of going wrong or becoming a laughing stock, many students will never open their mouths. Definitely, this will hamper the progress of the individual. One should have the courage to get up and talk in a tethering so that he will get the required strength after one or two attempts. But many people fail to do that. Here the role of mentors will come into the picture. A good mentor will understand the weakness of the individual and prepare them by giving the strength and skills so that he will come out of his weakness. That is the reason parents encourage their kids to perform stage shows during their early days. These days TV shows are making the children become confident and perform well.
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    Some people are shy because of being introvert. They keep themselves reserved and refrain from mixing with people. They are focused on their lives. These people are shy of others because of their nature and traits. So e people who are genius or highly intelligent they don't expose themselves to people and some people think them as shy.
    The shyness that denotes a negative aspect of an individual personality is a disease. Such people feel nervous because of lacking self-confidence. If they are asked to come on stage to speak a few words, they would begin to tremble.
    Such people need to go under the treatment of a good psychologist or psychiatrist.

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    I can say there is a reason for shyness in children. Many parents, when the child comes to say something, interrupted, controls the child either to stop its views or no time to hear. This shrink the child to some extent and this expands further in the minds of child to keep mum. This leads them to keep isolated.

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