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    Sir Arthur Cotton, the architect of the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh

    General Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton was a British general. He was also an irrigation engineer. He fought against his own rulers for the bad quality works carried out in Indian railways by the British contractors. He spent his life on the construction of irrigation and navigation canals throughout India during the British rule in India.
    He planned and implemented the Dowleswaram Barrage and the Prakasam Barrage in Andhra Pradesh. He has seen that a lot of Krishna and Godavari waters are getting into the sea and getting wasted. Hence, he decided to construct the Dowleswaram Barrage on the Godavari river in East Godavari. He also decided to construct Prakasam Barrage on the Krishna River in Vijayawada. He went against the wishes of British rulers and seen that these two projects will be implemented. These two barrages made East Godavari Dt, West Godavari DT, Krishna Dt and Guntur dt., like rice bowls of Andhra Pradesh.
    The farmers of these four districts see him as their God. The respect they have for this man can be understood by seeing the statues of this man in every nook and corner of these districts. More than 5000 statues of him can be seen in these districts.
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    This is a good information about Sir Arthur Cotton and his great achievements in the Krishna-Godavari area in Andhra Pradesh. It is evident that he was having a great insight into the agricultural needs of the farmers of that area and also he was a visionary to think like that in those times.
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    My father used to say that the British were not that cruel and they done immense development work especially on big bridges. railway lines and roads. We must be indebted to their farthest thinking on big projects in those days and that were completed against the wishes of British Emphire. Even today the railway bridge across the Godavari bridge stands tall and working and Indian railways are immensely benefited through this bridge. If the AP is credited as the rice bowl of India. it is becase of irrigation facilities through canal being credited and all the four coastal districts of AP has been benefited.
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    I appreciate the author for raising this issue.
    I read in an article that that before the year 1843, the two Godavari districts faced serious drought, which caused many people and their animals died because of lacking in water.
    So the British Government sent officials to know the effects of drought in the area widely affected and to find a solution to protect the region in future.
    Henry Mountiga and Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton, submitted their report in which they recommended the government to construct a barrage to save people's lives and develop the area . They also detailed how the income to government will increase after construction of a barrage. So after considering all pros and cons the authorities permitted to construct a barrage.

    It was the great service of this great engineer for the region, perhaps this is the reason why he is still honoured and remembered in A.P. British government and British officials had given some amazing projects which still have importance in this modern age.

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