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    Apps based orientation programme should be encouraged for cost effectiveness.

    In every fields from educational sectors to Industrial sectors there are specific orientation programme conducted by them from time to time as per their requirement. In education fields every high school to professional institutions are conducted such programme for the student to familiar with their institute as well as to gather required knowledge and skill regarding their courses.
    In the business world there are various orientation programme for their employees to update their knowledge as per industry standard. These are organised by the HR section of the organisations throughout the year.
    For the above programme there are a significant amount expended every year on accounts of cost of specialised trainers, Foods for participants, other related expenses which also includes the salary of the department engaged for the purpose. I think every organisation should introduced apps based online portal for such orientation programme and make it compulsory, so that every student/ employee can learn through the apps. They can show their performance by online examination after completing the specific orientation programme task from time to time. The apps can be of mobile downloadable or through online portal of the website of the institutes/organisations. Apart from cost effectiveness there are various other benefits that also available from such un-interrupted system. What is your thinking about this.

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    Appears to be a good idea. But the orientation programmes will never be readymade. They should be tailor-made to suit the requirements of the organisation. The HR department of the organisation will get these programs made based on the inputs given by the individual departmental heads The HR department will contact the experts in the field and make them design the orientation course to suit their requirements. In such a case how best these apps will help them in addressing the needs of their company is a big question. Otherwise, the company would get an app made for their requirement. Again within the company also there will be employees of different levels and their roles and responsibilities will be different. So how a common app can fit in is to be studied before going for a decision. As technology is bringing in many changes we may see these app-based orientation programs also in the organisations.
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    The author has really gave a wonderful clue to the web designers and developers that they can create apps for the orientation program on issue based subject which may cut the cost drastically. Surely those who are in IT field and know about this clue, would surely start developing the app. But there must be definite road map to each oreintation programs and how the apps be designed as to be determined and decided well before advance. One thing is sure, this is the online era and every things works with the app and the author has given very good idea to which there need to be thought process.
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    Orientation is very essential for any organization to get the best from its employees. When we talk about Apps based orientation programme for cost-effectiveness, it is also to be understood that in an organisation there may be many departments and every department perform their duty in different formate using a different method, software or style. The HOD needs to meet with the concerned HR and provide their input of what they want for their department to get the best output. App-based orientation may be a cost-effective, uninterrupted system and time to time examination and updated app but it must give everything that each department or organisation requires. In the same department of estimation, some play the role of estimating, other plays the role of quantifying, and a few the role of clarification for the data like drawing, bid documents, contacts, etc. Here, even though they are from the same department, each play different role and their requirement are different, hence, one needs to get the best app for their department or organisation.
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    It is an interesting topic the author has raised. I agree that orientation programmes are necessary for schools, colleges, firms and other business establishments and such programmes are conducted to improve the performance of concerned people and also introduce them in-depth knowledge. The author has suggested that this orientation programme should be conducted through apps. The idea of the author is good but it may become cumbersome for the business establishment because activities of each department are different and encompassing all different activities in an app may be problematic for the company, however, common information may be imparted through such app.

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    The subject of the much brighter idea has been discussed by the author. Currently, almost every organization or business, or any of the education system is moving towards this technology. This is a good option in which a perfect orientation plan can be implemented through the app. There is no doubt that most organizations today are understanding the importance of apps and online portals, but still, there is a need to take it to a higher level and for this, the general public also needs to be aware of the technology and its development.

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