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    Avenues for orientation to a new environment

    Orientation is an interesting word it means adjusting to a new environment but in my opinion, it should be applied to the situation that first does as Romans do but later make Romans do as you do.
    The former is easy but the latter is not easy. When we join any company then we find a different working environment where co-employees are new or unknown, company policies, ways of getting work done may also be different and in this situation orientate ourselves according to company's environment. But can we influence the company's entire system? , Indubitably, it is not possible for everyone.
    You might have seen the movie "Muhabbatein" by Amitabh Bachan and Shahrukh Khan. Amitabh is an antagonist of love but Shahrukh is an icon of love. He joins a school and accepts all conditions, rules and regulations but gradually, he changes the environment of the school. The school where love affair between young boys and girls was prohibited as if it were a crime but Raj Aryan (Shahrukh Khan) brought radical changes in the entire system of the school.
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    Understanding the existing system and getting adjusted to that system is what we commonly think of. But when there is a change at the top slot of the company, definitely he will try to make all the systems changed in such a way that he will get a grip of the whole system. But before doing that also the top boss will evaluate by understanding the existing practices. In some cases, the company may get oriented towards the systems of the Keyman. For making this happen the CEO should have the guts and skills required to face any type of situation.
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    The author has given us the right insight in giving the example of a film where in the rule has been broken through a orientation process and thus new avenues created.
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    A nice thread is given by the author. at the same time, he has given a very good example. YesI has also watched the movie Mohabbatein, and it shows only a small change but a big change at the end of the movie. Although movies are imaginary, the events told in movies are inspired by normal human life itself. Initially, every change feels a bit unacceptable but once done it becomes a part. With this, the adjustment that is being made at the beginning level now becomes habitual. When we talk about companies, may management ask their newcomers for taking initiative and bring new bright ideas, they may know the value of change in the orientation.

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    Good thought and post from the writer for the TOW word - Orientation. One indeed needs to adjust to a situation and change accordingly. When we join a company, we need to adjust to the new system and try to best fit in it and then slowly keep on changing from a small step to a big one. As given example in the movie "Mohabetain", SRK changes the system of the college not in a day but slowly and gradually which makes it easy for everyone to adjust and change themselves for the better or requirement. Whenever we fall into a new situation, it is good to know the change but first need to understand the feeling, attitude and emotional of the people and slowly change things for the better so that nobody gets affected or hurt. The same applies at home or relationship. It is hard to change anyone or rule all of a sudden than to make it change gradually.
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    Nice post from the author. It requires tremendous courage and intelligence to transform the already established culture either in the company or in the social scene. Many people moved away from the old culture and developed a new culture. They did this sparingly, not in one day. Most people accept the atmosphere as it is going on, even though no one is satisfied with it.

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