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This thread is the winner of the Topic-based Thread of the Week contest for April '21.
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    Life itself is an unlimited source of orientation

    It's known that orientation sessions are unending in life because people have to undergo many of its kind while joining any educational institution for studies, job sector, any training programme and many more. What we miss to recognise is that life's different phases and stages undergo numerous orientation processes. Let's take a look at the familiarisation a human life goes through.

    If a child is born, then he/she gets oriented about life by parents and the rest of the family members, but how can we forget that with the newborn, a couple's parenthood journey begins too? Even before becoming parents, experienced parents share various inputs to create awareness among the would-be parents. No person is a born parent, so after becoming a father/mother, the senior parents give all sorts of lessons regarding parenthood to the new parents. As years pass by, a toddler crosses various stages and finally becomes an adult. The child continuously gets briefing about how to react and behave in different situations. The parents similarly receive suggestions regarding dealing with their children when they are little kids or teenagers of opposite temperament. With time children become marriageable, and once again, the equation of the parents and children changes. Young children become responsible offsprings and gradually decide to get married and mature as concerned spouses, and their parents become parents-in-law. With new strata comes new duties to which people must get oriented. On the other, new spouses attain many other relationships as son/daughter-in-law with it they receive orientation on how to manage all the old and new relationships decently. The daughters-in-law face a lot more enlightening session because they have to leave their birth home and start staying in husband's home with all unknown people including her hubby. It doesn't end here because, with each passing year, another new generation starts blooming, and the old guard marches towards retirement from various responsibilities. The young adults learn to face challenges while the old ones try to cope with having no duties to perform, and one day they leave the world forever for the next generation to follow in their footsteps in future.

    Every generation goes through the same kind of orientation whenever there is a role reversal. Different stages and even different phases of life, from birth to death, guides every person on how to fit in one's role during his/her lifetime. Such an orientation is a never-ending process in everyone's life.

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    The author has hit the point with this contribution to the tow topic and rightly submitted that life itself gives us immense chance to get oriented and we get such huge chances very often. It is said that a person gets three chances to get settled in life and before that lots of orientation aspects are going to happen and if that person is sure of success and acheivement then he would after the chances. Once the orientation process is over the person need to probe for further modification in the life and thus it is the continued process to which we must make ourselves accustomed.
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    This is life. We have to cross, any milestones and we have to face different challenges. At every stage, we have to get tuned towards facing the responsibilities. We should get oriented to take up the new responsibilities. This is the fact explained by the author in her thread. Based on our age and position in our life we have to get ready to face the challenges. A good thread from the author and well narrated.
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    Agree with the author who have tried to pick up the true meaning of orientation. Each phase of life brings out new experiences, orienting towards new challenges and yielding to new results. This cycle goes on moving until and unless journey of life is moving. So I am in support of thread submitted by author.

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    It is a well-written thread on the given topic. The author has reminded us how human psychology, internal social perception, social status, responsibilities, the transformation of relationships among people and how this whole social system functions and takes different shapes and forms were taken into consideration in a nutshell.
    This social life is a mixture of different colours and how it keeps on changing after a certain time seems to be strange. Sometimes the known faces of the society become unknown in the same environment wherein name was acknowledged on a large scale but time changes everything, and nobody can be blamed for it. Rather, it realises us that nobody is indispensable for this world. You may be a great personality, but along with passing time all your status diminishes gradually and your achievement becomes the part of past which you may feel proud of but this whole social system is as such that importance goes into obscurity, sometimes, without making you feel that all your achievements have no more relevant to the new generation. You are given respect as an antique piece, which is appreciated and remembered by a specific section of the society, else major part likes to use and throw style. So stay cool and enjoy how your life takes you further.

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