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    The orientation of all our energies towards the goal will make us successful.

    In our lives, we all will have different targets and goals. Having goals will not make anyone successful. He should concentrate on his target and take all the required actions so that he will be sure of achieving the goals.

    Simply setting a goal and not trying to achieve the goal is not a good trait. One should orient all his energies towards the goal and try in the best ways possible. Then only one will be successful. Half-hearted attempts will not give the desired results.

    Dronacharya is the Guru of all Pandavas and Kauravas. One day, he wanted to see who among them is the best warrior so that he can focus more on him and make him the best warrior. He called them and asked each one of them to shoot at the eye of a bird which is on a tree. Once they are ready to shoot, he asked them to stop and asked them to tell what they are seeing. Only Arjuna told him that he was seeing the eye of the bird. Then Drona understood that only Arjuna can orient all his energies to words the set goal. So, he started taking a special interest and taught him all the skills he knows and made him the best warrior of those days.

    We all should understand the importance of focus on the target. When you see that all efforts are in a proper direction, you will be sure of your success.

    This is my entry to
    Topic based TOW contest for April '21- topic-'Orientation'.
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    Very good motivational thread from the author which insists that we have to be more positive oriented to energise all our might and knowledge towards acheiving the goal that is already envisaged. We must be careful that not only our role but that of other persons role which forms part of the task has to be taken care of us so that formidable success is assured and guaranteed. By orientation in this regard we mean, channelizing all efforts by taking every one into confidence and routing the energetic positive vibes so that who ever connected to the task would get into the zenith of performance.
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    A very motivational story shared by the author via a thread. Arjun is always depicted as a skilled archer because, during his shooting, he always had his focus only and only on his target. The same incident also happened when Arjun had targeted the fish's eye in Draupadi Swayamber. When we want to achieve a certain objective, then our focus should also be only on purpose, but sometimes some other disturbing moments come in the way of our objective. In such a situation, we should not move our target away from our target but should continue to ignore those obstacles until the goal is reached.

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    Cohesiveness, concentration, commitment, and focus are required for attaining the targets aspired for. The author has very nicely coined in this post the concept of orienting all the faculties in one direction that is the direction of our work and its pursuit. It is very true that we have capacity and capability to do some work but it works to complete satisfaction only when we can concentrate it in a particular direction to get the desired results. Many people are not able to assimilate their knowledge and work potential together to work for the ultimate objective and fail in their mission. That is the lack of focus and concentration. Successful people keep control on their strengths and use them in a cohesive way to achieve their goals and objectives. They have that type of foresight and planning to do things in a focussed manner.
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    From this story, it is clear that every person has some unique characteristics that make him distinct from others. A true teacher first attempts to recognize the qualities of his disciples and then according to that he confers the right orientation to his disciples for the improvement of their future.

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    To succeed in achieving a target besides dedication, patience, consistency, courage, stable thinking etc some other internal and external sources are required too, else everybody could reach on top. The author has given the example of Arjuna that he was right on target. If he was asked to hit an eye of a fish he forgot everything but the eye of fish. It shows that he wanted to become the best archer but when he came to the battlefield his rival and half brother Karna was greater than him in archery. This is simply a matter of specialisation of people.

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    It can be nicely understood from the thread that concentration and orientation towards our goals play much better role or first step towards our success. Merely working is not important, but honing our skills creates much difference. As reference taken by the author of Arjun, millions of Archer were in past and present also but it's well known that no one is better than Arjun only due to his dedication and strategies. So this thread is well written with the best references.

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    A good story that is apt to give the right of orientation to the set target to get the best and desired result. It is very common for people to set a target but halfway, tend to lose their focus and leave it with weird excuses or blames. As mentioned in the post, if we give our 100% and keep our path clear to reach the desired or set the goal, we will be able to make it to the top. As it is written, it is not easy for anyone to be that dedicated, focused, consistent, and have the patience to keep on trying to reach the goal but if one can as Arjuna did, they will surely succeed and reach the set target with the set time without failure.
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