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    Garbage cart rule for us in our daily routine

    I read in a Tamil magazine an article.
    An official engaged a taxi to his office. On his route, though the taxi driver drove the car with normal speed, interrupted by another car driver. The erratic driver shouthe at this driver with bad words but the taxi driver silently with smile waved his hands to let the scolding driver move away. Astonished official asked the taxi driver why he was silent on him. The reply of the taxi driver made the official further astonish. He replied,"sir, most of the people around us are similar to garbage cart. Their mind filled with frustration, anger, deception and they have to unload them as they overflown in them, they used others as unloading place because of their unsighted due to the overflow. If we mind their unloading it equal to our accepting and all such 'good' qualities will board on us. We should never give place for this and our scope should be our peace".
    A successful person never angry or fight with others. We should love other good guide to us. We pray for others who ill-treat us. Life is ten percent based on how we formulate ours and ninety percent in how we are taking other matters.
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    Wow tremendous insight has been created by the car driver about the garbage cart rule and it was wonderful explanation also given that we should not given credence to those who talk bad about us for no reason and treat their behavior as equivalent to garbage cart. After reading this post I will also change my behavior from tomorrow now giving credence to utterances about others against me as I would treat them as the garbage cart being unloaded and by not giving credence to them we are already established as winner and if they repent for that bad behavior that will be double yummy for us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We should appreciate the taxi driver for his level of tolerance and patience. Such people are very rare. Many drivers I have seen will never spare the other person. They use all bad words and scold the other persons involved. Immediately the other driver also starts using bad words.
    Many educated people also can't withstand the pressure and start showing their anger on people who are easily vulnerable. This is making some people release their anger. But in turn, the mood of the other person is getting disturbed.
    If we can understand the position of the other person properly and try not to antagonise him a majority of misunderstandings and war of words will come down. But very few people only can do that. We should practice the art of keeping silent when the other person is angry with us. That will make us a better person and we will have peace of mind.

    always confident

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    Truly, taxi drivers deserve praise and respect for this incident. Normally we have not found the drivers much polite as they are often frustrated due to the struggles in their lives and also mistreat customers. But the way this driver acted calmly, it is giving a message that if a person wants to, he can avoid any big disputes by remaining calm only. It is true that most people take away their mental waste and when they get a chance, they pass the burden of their garbage on to others, and thus this chain increases. But if we keep quiet and ignore the words of the front man's anger, then that series will stop. A positive initiative can prevent many negative events.

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    The story is good which has a message that the unruly behaviour of people should not be taken to heart and these angry people are merely stupid folk who dump their garbage everywhere but it does not mean that the taxi driver was dumping spot for the erratic and rude man. Good people have patience and they know that these bad-mouthed people are a menace for them so they should not take them seriously, rather ignore them wisely.
    Why a major part of general masses is lacking in patience, its reason is that social environment is as such that has affected human brain quite negatively. Everybody seems to be busy without any valid reason. Often, on narrow roads, if it happens to see a jam everybody finds obligatory to use horn despite knowing that using horn will not make the way clear but everybody is in hurry. Why people are so restless in their normal lives wonders me.

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    This is a thought provoking post by the author and the mindset and mentality of the erring people has been highlighted very nicely. Non achievers, frustrated people, ill manners people, revengeful personalities, unkind people, and cruel people all these generally exhibit such behaviour in traffic and public places and they are a burden on the society as others also learn from them the same traits. Think of the children of these people. What they will learn from their parents. In such a situation if someone behaves properly and with good manners then he or she is definitely having a divine nectar inside him and I salute to such good people who make a bench mark for all of us to behave nicely with the fellow beings. If everyone starts shouting on other person on one or other pretext then the world will not be a place to live happily.
    Knowledge is power.

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