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    Let the advice be relevant to space and time!

    Advice is something, can be given to others without any cost. From giving advice, there is no loss to the counselors. For those who have lost everything and are heartbroken, just speaking with the brain is a great sin. Even in the face of adversity, some 'words of comfort' may seem out of control. Counselors who do not know what and where to say will even disasters can be opportunistic. When one was unable to make a decision, advice can be relevant. But it is better not to enter the arena with advice where presence alone is enough.

    Those who have lost everything deserve to shed tears and cry. That is how they find their energy. Therefore, it is better not to advise those not to cry. The crying is not absurd about them but is necessary. Many of the mentors are the ones who find things they can't do, excite others, and find satisfaction in doing such things by others. We should ignore those who advise one way and go the opposite way. Those who have gone through similar experiences do not judge or ridicule anyone. They will only hold them together and unite them.
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    Giving advice is the easiest activity whereas practice upon the same advice is difficult. I don't think we should advise unless it is asked or requested by someone. Some people are extremely quick for discharging their duty to advise everyone whether or not their advice is welcomed. These people can't restrain from throwing their unwanted suggestions at other people.
    But the author has taken some other aspect of this matter. According to him, sometimes, someone doesn't need advice rather our silent presence with him. He feels good and our presence consoles him and it happens when someone is undergoing a bad patch or facing a kind of problems that cause him mentally disturbed.
    If I notice something is bad with my friend or colleague, I would not wait for his approval to give or not give him advice because I discern how the situation demands and accordingly he is to be supported.

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    It is easy to give suggestions to others. But when we suggest we should see that the suggestion is reliable and can be applicable in the conditions prevalent there. Without considering the whole situation one should not advise others. Many times people start giving advice without understanding the situation of the other party. That is of no use.
    When we know some people are in problems and if we know the way out advising them accordingly will never be harmful. Some people will never care for our advice. It is a waste to suggest something to such people.

    always confident

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    Whenever a person is going through a difficult time of his life, if he wishes at that time, he will get a large group of advisors who can give him any advice which might give a little courage to the unhappy person at that time but sometimes advice The easier it is to give, the easier it can be to implement that advice in life. It is very easy for the advisors to say that you will dare, everything will be fine soon. But it is difficult to muster courage and courage and to be patient during such bad times. The ultimate truth of life is that we have to face our own problems and face them ourselves and find solutions ourselves. At the time, a person who is going through adverse conditions, only he can understand how difficult it is to put such advice into practical form. But at the same time, we get more information from the advice of others, which we can apply on the basis of our circumstances, so when a benefactor gives us advice, then his advice should be respected.

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    Good post from the author. After reading the post my thoughts went to a Tamil film where in Villian Prakash Raj goes to the death obituary ceremony of his past friend and keep on laughing even while laying the wreth on the dead body and that brings lots of anger among those present there. It is the very sober and serious challenging period for every one and weeping uncontrollably and this person keeping on laughing. So what the author said that we must see the space and time to act accordingly otherwise we will become the laughing stock among the public and be ready to be thrashed even for wrong behavior.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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