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    Why do people often write their names anywhere?

    When we studied in school, many children used to carve their names on the desks with a pen or sometimes with a blade. I have never done this because, in childhood, someone told me that writing your name anywhere in such a way reduces your learning capacity, so I did have the same fear in my mind. even after age I know that was not true still did not do it. So It was a matter of schools, but I have found many times people write their names in the bark of trees, in the walls of temples, sometimes in their palm, and often even above the sand on the seashore. Do they feel happy and enjoy it by writing their name again and again or do people simply become a habit by doing it from childhood?
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    Once, I went to a temple in a hilly place quite away from the main town. It was a serene place and there were some big trees around and then some hillocks to the sides. To other side some rocks were there. Some religious tourists to the hill town also visited to this temple. While roaming outside the temple I observed some names engraved on the tree trunks and rocks around. Some places it was too congested but people managed to write in the gaps in between the already written names. It seemed to be some fad type of thing and it is natural human tendency to mimic what others do and when someone engraved ones name others got provoked to write their names also. Human psychology is an interesting thing to study and this is one example of that.
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    I have tried to write my name mostly with sand or clay, snow, and sometimes matchsticks. It seems to me that out of curiosity we write our names to see how our name would look in this particular place. Which we also feel happy after writing. It is more artistic than just writing names that bring us enjoyment.

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    Children learn writing on desks, benches or books or walls by watching other children but who started it? He must be a highly mischievous boy. Generally, children realise that it is a bad habit so as time passes they forget these habits but some children do not leave this habit and especially when they are teenagers and have friends and they travel to different places, especially, historical places they don't forget to write their names on the walls there. And in this way whoever visits these places does not forget to add his name to that list too. One interesting point I have noticed that you will hardly see any foreign names among this crowd of names. They don't make places dirty. If you happen to see historical places on foreign land you will not see this type of stupid activity. However, these lovebirds do another type of stupid activities. I have seen in a movie shot on a foreign location where lovebirds hang their locks on a bridge.

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    This is very relevant post raised by the author and shame on those who want to register their visit date and name on the walls of old monuments and temple walls and that depicts their cheap mentality. I have seen such nasty acts written on the walls of famed Charminar, Golconda fort walls, and even famous Triplicane Parthasarathy temple. These people does not know the value of such monuments and the relevant of them and thus they not only brought bad name to them but also to the country as so many tourists and other visitors would simply laugh at the way the monuments are kept and what is more astonishing that the ASI which is custodian of such rare monuments never took action to remove those names or wipe them out. At least on reading this post good sense must prevail on the ASI to restore origninal glory.
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    I have also seen many children writing their names in different places. Some students write their names on each and every page of the book. Some students will have a liking for that and they love seeing their name anywhere and everywhere. I used to write my name on the first page of the book as soon as I purchase it and I have the habit of writing the date of purchase also. Many times when we purchase some special books we should write our name on different pages. Otherwise, some people will take the book for reading and they may not give us back. But if our name is there are many places they will return that book and will not keep with them for long.
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