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    Don’t judge them on their sexual orientation

    Sex is the biological status that is assigned at one's birth and amalgamated with their physical characteristics such as their behaviors, internal and external anatomy, clothing, hairstyles, voice or body characteristics, and social roles in the society, their interaction, etc. Depending upon these, society considers them as either male or female. Many in the society are not happy with their ascribed sex/gender at birth thus venting distress, struggled to fit in the society, and later show frustration with their lives. Parents of such children or people become so concern about their children's gender-nonconforming or intersex conditions due to fear of society that many have to adjust their lives by acting in a more gender-conforming way or leave their family due to ono acceptance from them.

    Many at the later stage embrace their transgender feelings and seek gender-affirming treatments while others tussle with their feelings of ignominy or awkwardness. If we look for an answer as to why some people have gender-nonconforming or intersex conditions, the experts just believe that it's the biological factors i.e. prenatal hormone levels or genetic influences that serve to the development of such characters. We call them by many names such as transgender, third gender, androgynous, two-spirit people, multi-gendered, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, cross-dresser, drag kings, drag queens, Zie, hir, etc but not all people that have gender-nonconforming or intersex conditions identify them as transgender, desire gender affirmation treatment or look for sex but would like to live a normal life.

    Many people falling under such category just need support, love, acceptance, protecting them from social discrimination, standing for their social and economic rights, and living their life as they want and as others live. We need to educate ourselves by reading books about transgender issues, consulting with transgender experts, etc, and not looking at them in one universal way. Do not consider them as a mental disorder but accept them on their sexual orientation for they too are human and have the right to live happily in this world.

    [My entry for the TOW contest on the topic 'Orientation'for the month of April 2021]
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    The author has raised an issue of transgender through this thread. I appreciate the author for it. These people, especially their parents find themselves in a very embarrassing situation when required harmonies of sex are not developed and thus they are deprived of genitals also. When I was a student of class 6, I was in section B and there was a girl in section C. She was a girl and she wore the clothes of a girl but physically her sex was uncertain. She was brilliant in the study. Her mother was German.
    In our society, these people are not respected. This is a normal trend of our social system. We need to change our outlook on them.

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    A good narration from the author. Transgender people are also like any other human being. But they are not treated properly in our society due to many reasons. But slowly they are also getting recognised these days. The behaviour of the transgenders also plays an important role in obtaining due to recognition. Some transgender persons will have a different mindset and they behave differently.
    always confident

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