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    A labourer plays a valuable role in building the country- Labour Day greetings!

    We know that various factors are important in the development of any country, and among these factors, labour also contributes significantly. Labourers have an important role to play in any organization and industry. Everyone knows that without workers, imagining industries is probably impossible. Despite this, why are the conditions of the labour class so pathetic and bad? We talk about last year when thousands of labourers had to start hiking towards their respective houses due to being unemployed, in which many people lost their lives. In many places, there is injustice and exploitation of labourers. Even some effective laws are not strictly followed and the labourers are not able to get wages according to their efforts. Many times it is seen that a worker is not even considered a human being.

    After all, what is the end purpose of celebrating Labour Day when we cannot give this class, a normal person's place in society?

    Happy International Labour Day 2021 to all the workers with the hope of betterment of the standard of life of this class.
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    I agree with the author that labourers play vital role in nation building process. More than a century ago, there was so much exploitation of labourers that they were deprived of their basic rights by companies. During those days they had to work for twelve hours as their duty but they struggled against this injustice and demanded to reduce it to eight hours. Several Labourers were killed when their protest was crushed but eventually their demands were accepted universally and now 1st May, is celebrated as Labour day.
    But according to new labour laws the workdays are to be stretched to twelve hours. The Parliament has been used to force these laws. The labour ministry, in a draft notification, has notified rules allowing twelve hours working in a day, higher than nine, that was in practice earlier.
    Labour unions are protesting against these new labour laws. Some States have implemented these modified laws within their states.

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    Labourers have contributed significantly in all the fields but they are struggling a lot in getting their due payment for their work. Barring a few public undertakings where there is the intervention of unions for their better salaries and working conditions the labours working in other concerns are in dilapidated conditions. Take the case of labours working in a hotel where labours undertake multiple tasks such as plate cleaning, serving foods for the customers, preparation of varieties of food items etc. They put their best efforts to manage the work of the hotels stretching their normal duty hours up to 12 hours in most of the days but they are offered paltry sum. In case of their sickness and emergencies, they are denied their salaries for the days they remained absent. Even their employers don't behave decently despite their full involvement in their jobs. The latest law for raising their working hours beyond eight hours is on the offing and if introduced the same, they need to work 12 hours at a stretch regularly.

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    Whenever we think of the Taj Mahal we think of the king who spent money for the construction of the same. But we will never think of the workers who worked physically to construct the monument as per the design made by the architect. They all may be doing it for their livelihood. But without their involvement and hard work we might not have today the Tajmahal the way it is today.
    Whenever we think of Reliance we think of Ambanis but not the worker working in the factory and producing the product. The role played by this workforce is also very important.
    On this day of International Labour Day, we all should remember the difficulties and hardships they are taking for our comforts. We should convey our gratitude to them. I wish a happy international Labour day to all the members of ISC. I pray God to see that all these working class will have happy and healthy year ahead.

    always confident

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    A labourer's job especially the unskilled labourer job is available in our country at many places where industrial, construction, and other such activities are going on. In some remote towns and villages there are no such work opportunities and the unemployed people from those places start migrating to other places like industrial areas and metropolitan cities where there are ample job opportunities for them. So, the net result is accumulation of labour forces in some big places where they are at least able to earn some money and then send a part of that to their families back home. The large number of labourers are due to the large population as well as lack of working opportunities in small places as industries and companies try to keep their offices and works in main cities and avoid going to rural areas. We have to bring strict population control in the country if we want to take some steps for the welfare of these labourers.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Today is May 1, World Labour Day. May Day is celebrated to commemorate the recognition of eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, and eight hours of entertainment. The first phase of the Covid, lockdown destroyed the employment sector. In the second phase of Covid, all of them are fear another lockdown.
    No matter what happens, we will not fail. We will succeed.

    Happy Labour Day

    Lighted to Lighten

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    On this May day, I send greetings to all the labor class and employees across the world and this day is celebrated as the festival for the working people who has designated duties for the welfare of their masters and they are destined to get their wages for the work done. But often it is seen that there is always tiff between the master and the labor because the right wage is not given for the right work taken, this is where the difference of opinion enlarges to the biggest stand off between the two. One thing is sure, as long as workers are not happy, the company cannot remain in progressive stage,
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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