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    Unnecessary desires and wants land us in the terrain of despair

    As a human being it s our natural tendency to desire the worldly materials and facilities in our lives and most of us also do adequate efforts for that. At the same time it is a well known fact that every time we will be not the lucky ones or the fortunates ones that all our wants will be delivered to us by the destiny or luck or almighty whatever word we coin to address that entity which is sometimes favourable and sometimes not favourable to us. Scholars and great saints had discussed and are still discussing these matters plenty of time and it is said that we have to do our work and should not be too much involved in the results as that could be sometimes surprisingly different than what we had expected. If it is so then one way to combat this situation is that we have to keep a control on our desires and wants, especially the unnecessary ones, so that even if we fail to attain them we manage with what we have and do not land in the terrain of despair. What do the members think?
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    Hope and desire are the two important things that make our life. We live with the hope that tomorrow holds something good for us. Desires also keep us making efforts to achieve them. Without hope and desire, there is no charm in life. They make our life adventurous and colorful. If the desires are way beyond our capacity, we may land in trouble and likely to despair.
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    Desires never come to an end. If a desire is fulfilled this heart demand another demand and thus this series never stops until breathing is stopped. Uncontrolledd desires bring unnecessary problems and worries. It's said about human greed if a valley filled with gold is given to man he will desire another valley and his demand will continue unless mud of grave fills his stomach.
    Desiring something to get is not bad, only greed is bad. Nobody is stopped from making his life comfortable and giving better life to his family. We should learn to control our desires and it is not possible until we scratch this love of wealth from our heart. However, we should not stop from earning money too as it is essential for a human life. During lockdown people were seen worried for future. Many of them lost their jobs but when lockdown was opened for a few hours during days huge crowd of women was seen around market for shopping of jewellery.

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    Desires should make us work. We may have many desires. All desires will never be fulfilled just like that. We have to work for that. Even after working to the maximum extent possible all our desires may not get fulfilled. It all depends on our luck and destiny. But we should not sit just waiting for things to happen.
    If there are no desires we will not have any interest in our life. Life will become routine. So having desires is very important. When we are not able to get some of our desires fulfilled we should not get demotivated. We have to continuously be working and in that process, new desires will start and we will start working towards those desires or wishes. If the person understands the situation and his financial position well and if he keeps all his desires with in that range he will have a happy life.

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    Mankind is the most special creation of God, which God has created in such a way that he can make right or wrong decisions in his life with his wisdom and conscience and can also cherish and control his desires and wishes. As long as there is life, our desires probably do not end, but we do not know how much our life is and how long it is. Therefore, you should observe your desires while being alert to the aspirations and focus first on fulfilling the aspirations which are primary. There may be other wishes or desires but there can be an end to complacency and this will happen only if we keep our desires balanced.

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    Wants are unlimted goes the saying and it is the fact that Human mind goes on asking for new things, and the old things with modifications, additons and so on. The wants are going on mulitiplying without even knowing whether they are wanted that dire or not. Desires can be urgent needs, urgent wants but we should not hurry on those things which are not available and for which we need to wait. Desires can be on foolish things which are not needed for the present, however we strive to get them for want to be in limelight. Hence it depends on the person has to how they differentiate between just desire and dire desire.
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    Our desires have no limit. We are running after the materialistic things in our lives and busy in pursuing them. We want to have everything in our house whether we use that or not is an entirely different story. While in this race we are also very much busy in arranging money for these unnecessary indulgences. If we could control our desires and tame ourselves then only we can be happy.
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    I read in my 12 class story the rattrap that whole world being a big rattrap which offers temptations to us and caught us in its desires. Our theory of demand also says that desires are first step towards our demands. We are only working for these desires and aspirations. But sometimes we are too much tempted that if we are unable to fulfill these desires then this lead to depression in our lives, the same thing happening with youth of the nation. Desires are turning into greed. So always prepare for the best but hope for the least.

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