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    No clampdown on information in social media-Supreme Court of India.

    The Supreme Court of India has given a warning to the governments that there should not be any clampdown on social media messages from people seeking help. It praised the role of social media in these difficult times. People are requesting through social media for essentials like oxygen, hospital beds, and medicines for treatment Even before the pandemic, social media proved to be very useful for the public seeking information and help.

    Recently, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister issued a threatening statement that people who are spreading misinformation would be detained under the National Security Act and their property seized. He refused to accept that there is a shortage of oxygen in the State and anyone making such an appeal on social media will be dealt with severely. One person was also arrested by the U.P. Police. The Government of India also got certain tweets and comments deleted from Twitter and Facebook. The deletions are critical of the governments handling of the pandemic and various other matters. The government said they were all misinformation.

    The Supreme Court commented that any clampdown on the social media messages seeking help will be treated as contempt of the court. This is a timely observation by the Apex Court. The government is unable to help and at the same time appeals on social media are treated as false information and trying to punish them.
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    As long as social media is used properly for giving correct and genuine information, it is a very good path to see that the information will reach a maximum number of people. I have seen many people keeping their requirements as their status in WhatsApp and people who see that status are responding positively.
    So we should appreciate the Supreme Court for its comments. Yet the same time they might have warned the people who are trying to spread wrong information on this media. Such people only are making social media unreliable. We are all seeing much fake news. In the absence of verifying mechanism, we are not able to differentiate between the real and the fake. I always feel that no one should be stopped to give news on social media. But the sender should check the reliability of the news before he spreads the same.

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    Many a time we were talking about ill effects of social media on the children and the society for spreading the wrong information through their forward contacts. But the same social media is doing very good connectivity for those who wants medical facilities. medicines, oxygen cylinders and information about beds availablity and so on. Surely this would facilitate many who need of such information and the state police has no right to stop those genuine information being desiminated . But care must be taken that we recieve the right information from the right source and not unknown people.
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    Social media is playing a vital role in this age. Many information which don't have access to mainstream media is spread by social media. It is good to know that Supreme Court has passed this order. However, wrong information should not be virally on the social platform. There is no control over messages or videos uploaded on any social platform. So people should also refrain from sharing every message without confirming the authenticity of the information

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