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    The distance increases by not talking for a long time.

    Relationships are important and special in every form, every relationship has its own value. When our thoughts keep matching with those of us, then we feel quite happy, but if ever there is a dispute due to separate thoughts, or we stop talking to each other, we should not keep it for a long time. Many times people stop talking after a debate or quarrel, if even one party takes the initiative then perhaps the situation may be right but if both do not talk among themselves in their ego then it may not good for the relation. We can be left with our special relationship forever, just because of an ego, and on the day the ego ends, we realize that we have lost a special relationship just because we did not talk further. If a relationship is important in your life, then it is prudent for you to prioritize the relationship by putting your ego aside.
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    If we are not contacting the other person now and then. we may forget each other. This is more true when we are ground up. We may not forget our school and college friends easily. But we may easily forget our coworkers when we change the organisation. Only a very few people only will be in touch. To keep a constant touch and continue the friendship we should be greetings the other person once in a while. These days we have many ways to do that. Sending a WhatsApp message once in a while to our known people will see that the contact will be intact. We even need not talk over the phone but sending a message itself will renew our contacts.
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    The normal tendency of those persons who are involved in petty issues and had the face off always feel that other person should take first the initiation so that he or she would reciprocate. But the fact is that the matter would be so small and can be written off, but the ego problems between the two would take the issue to many days and even months. Once the distance and days increase, the feud is more aggressive and even character assasination through others takes place and that situation should be avoided. Normally friends have the give and take policy and come to understanding of any quarrel what ever be the nature. But the relatives have the ego problems to great extent and they would not budge even for any compromise. Therefore good sense must prevail with the people to see that quarrels are not dragged too much.
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    It is common to have miffing between bosom friends, bothers, sisters, relatives because where the relationship is founded on mutual trust, understanding, affection and caring about each other then expectation between them increases a lot. If something goes wrong between them- knowingly or unknowingly it creates confusion in the relationship. In this situation whoever initiates to reinstate the relationship he is the real person. But generally, both sides see their ego first, this is why none of them initiates and this relationship is halted for some time until they fix it up themselves or someone gets patched up.
    I don't think that ego should be given any importance in such cases. If you care about someone because he/she is close to your heart then why you wait for other person to take initiative to restore the relationship.
    If both of them have ego problem then their relationship will.not go further. It is better for them to leave this relationship as an old junk.

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    Yes, I agree, one should apologize with sincerity when there is a quarrel and move on. However, there is the possibility that, despite the apology and the effort on one's part to revive and retain the relationship, it is only one-way, nothing coming from the other side at all.

    There is also a second possibility of there never really being a quarrel at all, but yet there lingers a lengthy, prolonged silence. If the recipient does not even respond to a simple "hello, how are you" kind of message, and does not respond to calls also, then what is one supposed to do? In this time of the pandemic, one can worry indefinitely, not knowing if the other person is ok, and not knowing if one is responsible for hurting the other person in some way. When one is completely shut out, one has to assume that the relationship is not something that can be revived because the other person does not want it. Hence, one let's go and can only cherish the happy moments spent together.

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    Relationships requires time and understanding towards each other. When we are in quarrel with our friends we started ignoring them and then it creates problem. A simple quarrel started building huge gulf between us and our loved ones. Now gonna the days when we have to write long letters and sending them takes too much of time. Nowadays only a single scrolling on mobile can lead us to whole world tour but still relationship are poorer then the earlier times when we are unable to talk to our friends for long periods. Only because our psychology towards friendship is changing . We trying to live with ourself forgetting everyone. Our desire for being solitary is fulfilled with COVID which turns out with new definition of isolation.

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    Humans are bound by affection and love. Communication has been a key to all relationship and it is very important to communicate your emotions and thoughts and apologize when required. However, I believe that their are certain relationship that cannot be put to a dry spell even after a long time of no communication. It may sound superficial but their are some relationship that are trustworthy and are so close to you that even after you've been busy to not contact them, they might be just the same to you. We are human, we tend to prioritise different things at different time but communication is something we require to sustain. Therefore I partially agree with the author, distance can indeed increase if communication is disrupted however it is not valid to all human relationships, some of them might pass through the test and still stand the same or stronger.
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    Talking, communicating, and visiting each other are the basic means to remain in touch and keep the relationship alive. There are many people who keep relations only when they live nearby and meet daily and once they go to different place they simply forget and do not communicate. That makes a hiatus in the relationship which slowly dies away. One should not forget the friends so quickly.
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    Correct. In young age many people act themselves to keep distance from other relatives for their privacy but they left unknown that they are slowly loosing relations and they forget they are going to suffer later with isolation. Even in one house people are not talking freely with other members but they lose fraternity day by day. When they are in need no relations will come for their rescue.
    When I went to a hospital at Madurai, to assist my brother who got admitted there for some sudden illness. While waiting at the outside of CCU, an lady aged nearly 60 was sitting along with us. Whole night we all stayed there itself by sitting as the CCU staff may call at any time. Morning I asked my brother's wife and my sister to get fresh. I told that lady also to go along with them by asking the patient's name for whom she is waiting. I assured her that I took care if the CCU personnel call. After they come back, I went to get my coffee. Later that lady with slight cry, told me that her husband was in the CCU with heart attack. She further told,"Sir, my husband since our marriage did not allow any relations of either side to contact. We have a big house in the nearby town and we are wealthy only as we receive rent from six more houses. He made his two sons to study well and both sons are in abroad. Now suddenly he fell in heart attack and I took here by myself in our car. We have enough money but no single person to help. I only suffer a lot but he simply lied in the CCU without knowing my sufferings. Even if he dies no relatives will come, I do not know what to do".

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