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    Unhappy people blame the outer world.

    This world is made up of different kinds of people. The behavior, habits, relationship with others in society differ from person to person. We have to accept others as they are and continue to live peacefully with the people around us. There may be many taits in others which we may or may not like. Some people may have the habit of speaking loudly, interfering with others' affairs, and many other habits that we may not like. We ourselves may be having some traits which are not acceptable to others. For a peaceful and harmonious life, we have to adjust to society. Happy people are those who adjust and build their happy inner world. Those who do not adjust and always have a complaint about others will be unhappy. They always blame the outer world.
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    All the fingers of our hand are not similar. The same is the case with different persons in society. Physically and mentally also they differ from others. We can't please everybody and the same everybody may not be happy with our behaviour also. We have no control over other persons. So we can't dictate terms and see that all will behave the way we like. Adjusting ourselves and compromising ourselves in different conditions is the key to our happiness. Many times we see people behaving differently, It is better to be away from them rather than expecting them to change as per our wishes.
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    As long as the person will blame the world and not peek inside himself, then he will find a thousand reasons to be unhappy and will want to satisfy himself with any reason. You may even get satisfaction for a few moments by doing this, but it is not going to make you happy for a long time. It is very clear that a person blames others because he is not ready to believe that there can be a mistake in him. If a person wants to be happy with his inner mind, first of all, understand yourself, do not recognize your faults with your strengths and weaknesses, rather blame your world. The day a person realizes his faults and moves towards correcting them, his development and progress start from that moment. This does not mean that we ignore everyone's, but we should speak if we feel something wrong but at the same time we should know that we can not change others, we can only keep our thoughts in front of them. Rest all our time should be only for self-improvement.

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    It is the fact that unhappy people blame the outer world for their own reasons. Even there is a good saying in Tamil that those who does not know how to dance, blame it on the short dancing stage. For a good dancer, he or she will perform with the limited space of the stage. Likewise people blame the govt for not doing anything, but what we have done to the govt is not discussed. It is easy to blame others for one reason or the other, but without knowing the very reason, the blame game should not be done. And for those who are habitual person to blame for nothing, none would believe them even in serious matters.
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    Truth is recognised because false exists. Good traits are praised because bad traits are ingrained in many of us. If I assume myself a very gentleman and being a gentleman I have a complaint about some other people whose traits I dislike but I don't know if my neighbour thinks that I am a bad person and the traits of mine that are good in my opinion irk my neighbour.
    I always prefer to have introspection rather than peeping into others traits. It keeps me in check and balance.
    I do not know if I am a good person and I think everybody knows how many bad traits he has. I think if someone has some bad traits but it does not mean that he is a bad man. It might be possible that some of his traits are excellent and greater than our best traits. If we start glancing at the positive aspect of others, probably, the negative aspect will hide.

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    As a general phenomena is that if a person is happy then the happiness transmits to the outer world in any way. If a person is unhappy that same vibrates to the outer world. The deficiency of happiness in an individual causes to oppose the activities in the outer world. For example, Carona causes much violence among people silently without making criticism to one another . That means every individual is criticizing either the society or the government due to lack of carefulness on Covid patients. But, the individual forgets about as he is one of the part of the society. It is not good to abuse or criticize others. Instead, one has to introspect about himself.
    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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    Blaming others is the easiest thing that a person can do though there is no use of doing such a thing. Actually by doing so one degrades oneself. Everyone in this world is having a distinctive personality and behavioural pattern and we may not like the ways of other people but that does not entitle us to criticise them and talk lose about them. If we do so it is in a very bad taste. Another thing that is very obvious in these matters is that some people who do not have a job or who do not like to work will have a habit of blaming others and find fault with others. That is simply their vacant mind that is provoking them to behave like that.
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    I think the author did not intend to change it into a political thread but your question is questionable that you do not want to see people asking questions to the government/s. Do you mean to say that people should not ask the government/s what it has done for people? How many job opportunities created for young educated youth? how the price of commodities has gone down? How many welfare schemes have been implemented? How many people have been benefited from these schemes? etc. You have put a very interesting question what the people have done for the government?
    The most important and highly significant work people have done that they have chosen them as their leaders to do something for them.
    Now I think this is not the right time to discuss this issue which political party is good and which one is bad, which government is working well and which one is not doing well.

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    Why people are unhappy?
    Because they are unable to fulfill their wants. If needs are not satisfied then it bears unhappiness. Most the times people are blaming other generally god for giving bad luck to them in their lives. But it's always un understandable that is really good or bad luck matters in life. Our working and hardworking is the main thing. If we are continuously working toward our goals thn there would be achievement of our goals and once win come it takes happiness with itself.
    Moreover if we are working all the day round we have no time to blame others and our main focus would be on grooming our abilities.

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