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    Continued efforts are essential to maintain perfection.

    One asked a famous painter to paint his picture. The painter took three hours to complete the man's picture as he liked it.
    "How much it cost?" He asked the painter.
    "Thirty thousand rupees." The painter said the price.
    "Thirty thousand rupees for this picture drawn in three hours?" He asked in surprise.
    "It's not the price of the three hours it took to paint. It's the price of the 30 years to took me to become like this," the artist replied.

    The word 'constantly' should be used as a synonym for peculiarity. How long the effort lasts is the basis of how well it lasts. Everyone who is proficient, can't be possible to prove it in action. Those who are constantly practicing and constantly striving to maintain it, although they are at the peak of proficiency, will remain great role models. Many people forget the thought of 'growing up' amidst the excitement and clamor of getting to where they want to be. Once you get the degree or job you want, taking rest and ensures nothing more can be achieved, becomes the final rest of one's struggle and ability. It's not about winning a crown once, it's about maintaining that title forever.

    You may have failed at least a hundred times to win once. You may have made a thousand mistakes to get one right. There may be many to see and appreciate the last OK. But before that, the seas of sorrow they swam, the most ridiculous, and the loneliness could not be appreciated by that spectators. If you want to stay at the heights you have reached, you need more willpower and effort than it took to get there.
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    Nobody can be perfect. People have extraordinary qualities though but they are still imperfect. We can try to go closer to perfection. It is said every powerful person has his rival somewhere who is more powerful than him. Likewise, every genius has another greater genius somewhere around him.
    I have heard people saying - practice makes a man perfect? I think it means a person who practices something becomes perfect in that particular area whereas he has to cover the next dimension next time. Because if someone is perfect then there should be no more space to get perfection.
    Consistency is the backbone of success. Some people set for their journey but they give up after a few steps, some people go a bit farther before they give up. Those who remain firm on their path with consistency are expected to reach their destination. These people don't give up until they complete their mission. These are successful people.

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    To be perfect 100% is very rare. Ideal conditions will never be reached. In Science, we read Ideal gas laws. But in an actual situation, no gas is an ideal gas. There will be some deviation from these laws. But how near we go to perfection is very important. Everyone should always strive to reach perfection and he should work towards that goal. Many efforts for many days may bring you near perfection.
    There are people who take their profession as a pious operation and do it scrupulously without deviating anywhere. Such people will get very near to perfection. Some people may not take everything so seriously and try to see that the work is completed. It all depends on the individual.
    People who dedicate their time and all energies to improving their skills can do better work than their counterparts.

    always confident

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    Sustained and continuous efforts are the key to success. There is no magic potion or method to achieve success. I have seen some people who do one big thing at some point of time in their lives and then sing that song to everyone for a long time and then eventually meet their downfall because during that time they do not continue their working in the same way as they were doing earlier and feel that they can sustain on that old glory. Unfortunately, it never works like that. Every day what we do is for that day only. Next day is again demanding in the same way and if we cannot sustain that then we lose the battle miserably. Have not we seen the ants who do not rest and keep continue their work regularly in a sustained way gathering food for their colony beneath the Earth?
    Knowledge is power.

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    I read one article on the same subject through a story. A student told his father that he would not go to the examination as he was prepared well for the same. Though the father and mother told him by convincing him to go to the examination without thinking about the result. They told him even if fails in that paper they would not say anything on him. But adamantly he did not go to the examination on that day. Evening a friend of him came to his house to see him about his absence. This boy told everything but the friend told by showing the question paper that all the questions were come only what they jointly studied and prepared. This boy by telling this to his parent felt much as he broke his effort in the middle with wrong fear, if he would continued his efforts he would succeed in the examination.

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