2021 ISC Summer Camps

Good morning everyone! This month we're going to do something different. Instead of official contests, we're going to have activities, somewhat akin to summer camps that are organized for children. In fact, you can get the kids and other family members also involved. Each of these will not be announced on a pre-scheduled date as such but likely will be announced just before or on the weekend. There will be no main prizes, but in some, there may be points and cash credits for entries.

A few of the activities-
1. Fruit Treat - Create a super colourful, yummy bowl of fruits!
2. Photo GPS
3. S&E

Sounds mysterious and intriguing? Well, just stay alert! As soon as the activity is launched, the link to the thread will be put up here.

Note- we will have the monthly topic-based TOW and if there is a suitable topic for a GD, we'll organize that as well, along with any other that the admin. may schedule. There will, though, not be any IPL MAPs as announced earlier, in empathy with those suffering.