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    A loving and caring orientation program by in-laws for the new bride.

    Marriage is an important turning point in life, whether it is the bride or groom or the family of the two, it is a very memorable ceremony for everyone. When a girl comes to her in-laws 'house after marriage, everyone has a lot of expectations from her. But a new bride also has similar expectations from members of her in-laws. Marriage is considered to be a big step in the life of the girl, where she is going away from one of her family to become a special member of a new family.

    A girl who is the new bride of the family today, the same bride is going to be the most special caretaker of this family tomorrow, so this is the beginning time when she is given the orientation of a loving environment with familiarity just like any new employees are given in new companies. Relations can never compare with a job profile, but a beginning atmosphere can be the same for a new bride.

    Moving from one environment to a new environment can be a little adjusting, but when love and care are found, this adjustment should be happily accepted. A similar relationship is formed when there is understanding on both sides. Where there is an attempt to not show anyone down, rather if someone is falling, then an attempt is made to support them.

    This orientation program of love and care makes everyone feel connected and creates a strong foundation for new relationships and this foundation cherishes the future relationship.

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    An excellent thought from the author. Definitely, the in-laws should see that their daughter in law is comfortable and will get adjusted to the new environment. Except she, all will be new to her. So she will be nervous. So all other people in the house has to see that she will slowly get adjusted to the new premises and new persons. Here a better understanding between the daughter in law and in-laws is very important.
    Generally, the mother in law has to see that her daughter in law will feel at home and get adjusted to the house. At the same time, the girl should take the suggestions of the mother in law positively and should try to cooperate with her. In such conditions, the orientation program will progress fast. These initial days of stay only will make the relationship between the daughter in law and the mother in law sweet or bitter.

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    This is very interesting subject and requires some analysis based on our own experience about the family where a bride joins in this family from a different family. We must understand that all the members of this house are in their house only after the marriage ceremony is over but it is the bride for which there is a change of house. Over and above that change, people are waiting in the boy's house for her to observe as how she is going to behave with them and going to respect them and things like that. If she is as per their expectations then the in-laws might feel happy otherwise a series of conflicts and confrontations will soon arise and there will eventually be a bitterness created in the house. The end result is generally in most of the families is change from joint family to nuclear family and the boy goes to another house along with the bride. So, it is imperative that in-laws from their own side start giving a parent type of treatment and behaviour to the incoming girl and then only we can hope for the good times in the family.
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    Marriage is a social practice approved by society, however, the ways of conducting this social practice are different but common thing is that all these ways are recognised by law also. Marriage is a bond between two people as well as two families. New relationship emerges and strangers become close to each other. A girl and a boy might be strangers to each other even they have never seen each other except photographs because these type of arranged marriages are still held in which both the couple have not seen each other but when they come in life long contract through this marriage bond they become part and parcel for each other.
    The author is a girl and this thread depicts her woman's thinking. It is not only a girl but a boy is also included in this bond. However, a newly married girl has a new world to live in. All new faces are there and mostly she has to be prepared for adjustment at every step. If she revolts against in-laws family, the relationship will fall under doubts. She needs to be patient and courageous too.

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    When the bride enters her new home after the marriage there are apprehensions and fear in her mind. The most important of all is the fear that whether the in-laws would treat her with affection and love or not. Why this fear in her mind is because traditionally we have seen many families where girls are teased and tortured on one pretext or other. Sometimes dowry is one of the reasons and sometimes over expectations of in laws could be a reason. In such a situation if the in-laws treat the bride in a good way and give her same care and attention as she was getting with her parents then she is definitely a lucky person and it will make her also to respond in a positive and loving manner. The credit of course goes to the in-laws in this matter as they are wise enough to treat her in such a way to orient her towards the new family with such novel ways.
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    A good post about the orientation of the new couple, be it for the bride or groom is very good to get familiar with their new family members, their likes, dislikes, behaviour or character, etc that will help them to adjust themselves in the new atmosphere.

    As mentioned by the writer that relations can never be compared with a job profile, but the beginning in both the category is the same. When we join a new job, we are perplexed about how to start, whom to approach, how to gain confidence, etc. The same is for a new bride or groom as when they come into the new family, they are baffled by the same things that one has when joins a new company or job.

    It is actually not one-way traffic but the job of both welcome the new person and the willingness of the new bride/groom to be able to adjust themselves to the new environment. When both the parties show their readiness, it becomes easy to become part of the family and get the love of every person.

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