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    There will always be a great rush when an opportunity arises

    I was reading about the great gold rush of California, USA. In the year 1848, when a big bowl of land containing gold embedded here and there was found by one Mr James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. People from USA as well as other parts of the world started coming there to collect gold by shivering the sand and soil from morning to evening and keeping the gold so obtained with them. The rush was very huge (approximately 300,000 people) and it remained like that till 1855 by which time the gold was almost taken out though some people even continued after that for even the small quantity in that area but the main rush was there for 7 years only that is 1848 to 1855. This is one example that when some opportunity comes people run after that. Another example is mobile penetration in our country. In last 10-15 years this area has grown tremendously and in every city, in every lane or road, we find some mobile shops. Many unemployed youths have opened mobile shops either for selling mobiles or their accessories. In fact, as there are large number of shops, it has become quite competitive also. So, whenever opportunity comes people run for it and try to get self employed. We have to be alert and become the early birds in such situation to take advantage of the opportunity. No one is going to invite us for jobs. We have to take initiatives whenever opportunities are there. Please share your thoughts on this.
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    True. People will run to places where there are opportunities. We see these days many people migrating to cities from villages as there are some ways and means to live.
    In the United Andhra Pradesh, both the Godavari Districts are very fertile and the farmers are making good money those days and the fields are costly. But in Telangana, many lands are not fertile. During the execution of the Nagarjuna Sagar project, many small farmers from the Godavari District went to that Sagar area. They sold their lands in the Godavari districts and purchased lands near the Sagar project. The cost is very less near the Sagar project those days and hence they purchased 5 acres for every one acre they sold here. Once the project was over those lands became very fertile and these farmers earned good money there. So it is natural that people will see for opportunities and grab them.

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    It was an old-time when the gold rush was accessible to all, now if it happens, police and other force will cordon off the area. Nobody will be allowed to go near this spot.
    Some years ago, in my adjacent mohalla, an old house was completely demolished to get another new building constructed. The owner of the house was also there, then he noticed some gold coins in the pit, Labourers kept some coins in their pockets. He immediately asked them to leave the place and gave some coins to each of them to keep their mouth shut. Then he started digging the foundations of the old building. He found three big pots full of gold coins. Meanwhile, one or two labourers informed the police. Before the police came he removed all three pots from the spot but when the police pressurised him he gave a pot to them.

    People will never miss a chance to capture, especially, if it is easy to grasp. It is not merely a mobile shop or mobile related accessories, every business needs the guts of the business.
    When young people have no job they will arrange some job opportunities themselves. They can go for any self-employment. After all, they can not waste their time while waiting for job opportunities from the government. They are trying their best to settle in their lives.

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    The author has rightly said that we should recognize the opportunities ourselves and take advantage of them at the right stage because no other person will come and tell us about that opportunity. Even now when there is an opportunity in the world, a long queue is already ready, which has been wanting to take advantage of that opportunity for a long time. And when we have to come to the forefront of this long queue, we should prepare a very different and effective approach for this. An approach that puts us at the forefront.

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    Taking advantage of the opportunity is a very valuable and beneficial agreement. Everyone takes benefit of the opportunity according to their position and ability. I have seen that some people neglect the opportunity and later regret it. It is better to make the future easier and brighter by taking favorable advantage of the opportunity.

    The rush during the opportunity exhibits how essential it is to take advantage of this opportunity. We notice that as soon as a post is vacant in any department or office, thousands of youth work hard day and night to grab the advantage of that opportunity. So that they can become self-reliant and create a bright future for themselves and family. Instead of a rush, I consider it a competition.


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    Opportunities may come and go it's how fast our stimuli would respond against it. Its normally seen that some people get thousands of opportunity in their life but they doesn't respond against them and when their life end came the regretted for not being working for it. Getting or being part of an opportunity is first step towards our success and it depends on us how fast we understand it and grab it. Much faster we grab it much sweeter it yields its fruits.

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    We should not miss the opportunities coming in our ways. The price of land is one of the areas where it cannot be predicted how this will take its turn in the near future. We have marked the phenomenal jump of the land near our township in Bokaro Steel City. The barren land lying in the area escalated ten times when there was the announcement of setting up of the steel plant. Some people managed to enrol their names as displaced persons by purchasing some lands. They later got the payment from the management at much higher price apart from a job offer according to their matching qualifications.

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