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    Orientation leads to success

    Orientation means to guide someone in adjusting to new surroundings, employment and activity etc. Generally, this word is used for commercial purpose. As we all know, how orientation is important for our system. It is compulsory for every walks of life whether home or office. To be oriented is not compulsory for that employee who is working in the company. Without orientation, the system seems to be weak or collapse. Nowadays, the best example of orientation is covid-19. If we all would be oriented towards the prevention of coronavirus then our condition would not have much worsened as today we are facing. Apart from these, in society also, from birth to death, everybody expects people to be oriented towards culture so that all people live life peacefully. Hence, orientation is base of success.

    This is my entry for the TOW contest
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    Surely good oreintation guidelines would change the perception of other persons seeking the help and therefore their success is for sure and guaranteed. The author has taken the help of covid second spread and the main reason being not aware of its ill effects that we have not been preperly oriented and therefore we are now facing the worst crisis of this century. Though the world us going through this crisis, those who are successful should have given the tips to other countries and that would have prevented the loss of life. Still we are in the learning lesson of covid get rid off because we are not award of it fully.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true that a person needs a perfect orientation at every step from birth to death. Success is related to every moment of our life and the struggle for a successful life is always apart, so the right orientation strategy proves to be the biggest path to our success. But this orientation should be such that we have understood and included all the parameters or standards related to our success, no parameter should be missed. The present situation has been related by the author, which is true because all the people who planned properly, have won by fighting even in this difficult time.

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    I agree with the author that we should tend to orientation according to the situation. We should not be rigid, rather we should be compatible and should have complexity, it makes the situation easy to be taken. Rigidity should be kept aside. Adjustment and orientation to the changing situation and circumstances keep a business entity live in the race of business. Bata shoe company was a big name three/four decades ago. Bata was a brand name known for quality and standard. New companies and new products were launched in the market and they captured the vast Indian market since bata company did not change its pattern and style according to new trends introduced by other competitors; and consequently, bat a lost its space in the market.
    I gave the example of the bata shoe company because bata was on top in its peak time. No other company had a monopoly as bata had, but now the young generation does not know that bata was the best shoe company in India.

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    As mentioned by the writer that orientation is important at every walk of like, be it home or office or our society, we need to be flexible to learn new things that are required to control, apply and even understand the need of the hour. If our government would have taken care to orient our citizens instead of just advertising about the pandemic, it would have been under control. Here I don't want to blame the government alone as we(people) are equally responsible for this horrible status of our country. If people are open and ready to be oriented, we may be able to solve many issues but many of us have an inclination and not ready to change our mindset about things that we think are correct. If people learn to listen, be oriented and understand, then the situations will be different and under control.
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    That is true. Orientation towards correct issues always brings in success. If all public is properly oriented towards the morals and values they have to follow we might have seen a different India by this time. But that never happened. The people who have to train or giving training in a different way. That is taking us in the wrong direction and dumping us in the problems. This is true to all fields. Not only for a specific field or person. The majority of the population is travelling in the wrong direction. The whole problem is there in the improper orientation.
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