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    Do you wait for opportunity or create one?

    It is said that opportunities will not come often and we have to grab it when ever it is sighted before us. But mere opportunities does not guarantee a winning situation for us and we must be ready to face the opportunity and win it to our side. Becuase like us many are waiting for the same and they will also do all things to grab it to their favor. What is your task here, do you wait for the right opportunity to grab the offer or indulge in create a new one for you. In that case you must be prepared to forgo even the wrong chance that come in your way.
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    Opportunities come and go. It is the responsibility of the person who wants to avail of this opportunity, else opportunity doesn't wait for anyone.
    Some people are fully prepared to grasp any opportunity as soon as it comes to them. They don't miss it. But some people have a different approach, they don't wait for any opportunity, rather they run after opportunities before their arrival, if there is no visible opportunity they try their best to create an opportunity or get it created from the sources or issuing authorities.
    On the other hand, some people are highly lazy they don't heed to opportunities, even people come to them with offers of opportunities but their carelessness is on top that they don't care about what opportunities are and how to utilise these opportunities These people either do not need any opportunity further as they have more other opportunities with them or they are highly shirkers. Such people repent once the opportunity is missed by them.

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    Black marketers and dealers keep the stocks in godowns and create scarcity in the market. They see that prices are increased and slowly release their stocks when they get a good price. Can we call it creating an opportunity? There are many positives ways also to create opportunities. But just mentioned a negative example for this.
    In my opinion, one should be on the lookout for finding opportunities and utilise them at the correct time. No time opportunities will wait for us. We have to wait for them. Creating some opportunities by ourselves without hurting others and without making losses to others also is a good way of living in present-day society.

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    I think I am someone who wait for the opportunity and then pounce on it. I don't really push to create an opportunity.

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    It is being reported that black marketers are creating big opportunities and making big fortunes in this cororna pandemic, by selling oxygen cylinders and medicines. Who is helping them in this regard?

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    Generally people wait for the opportunity or opportune time for taking a step ahead and take advantage of that in the best possible ways. That is usually what common people are supposed to do. Interestingly, there are people at the extreme also who even do not awake to the opportunity knocking at their doors and ignore and suffer the consequential loses. At the same time there are some people who by virtue of their clever manipulations or by virtue of their higher position in the Govt or in some organisation or in some business or in the society create situations in which opportunities are generated and they foresee them coming their way and take advantage of them. These are the rare people but they are there and have enormous manipulating techniques and methods to get things done in their own clever ways. It is said that such people rise to quite good heights in their career and even become leaders of the masses. Incidentally, some of these people are also born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
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    Opportunity can come at any time in life, to create opportunity one must move forward keeping his goals aware. When we have to strive for the success of a goal, then we must watch and understand every activity happening around us and try and take every word that can become a new opportunity in our success. Because an opportunity does not come by informing or by telling us, and when an opportunity is found, more people are trying to get it along with us, so being alert is the right way to identify and create an opportunity.

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    There are certainly opportunities in almost all your areas but you need to look for such opportunities. May be in your area, there is no scope then you have to move somewhere else where you can encash opportunities. We have seen the commuters reaching to Kolkata from the different parts of West Bengal through the local trains to grab the opportunities for their survival. There is no dearth of the jobs for the devoted people if they have the passion in a line if they have the passion for such jobs. Initially, it may appear difficult but with your sustained interest, you can land into such jobs. They need to have the vigilant approach.

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    I sometimes see many people waiting for opportunities and then their life end came and they regrets for not getting any opportunities through out their life. It's not single person but whole world is full of such type of people. In life of such people several opportunity came but they failed to recognise it and hence they lament over their bad luck. But grief of having bad luck would not provide us with success. We have to search or create new opportunities in this competitive world otherwise whole life would be spoiled.

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    The rich getting richer because the poor think every opportunity is a scam.

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