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    Importance of motivational orientation.

    Motivational orientation may be defined as the process of stimulating a person to accomplish a task with a given course of action. This stimulation in a person may be generated from within or by an external inducement like a reward. Internal stimulation is known as intrinsic motivational orientation where the person derives inner satisfaction for achieving a task. The satisfaction derived is irrespective of any reward. The external stimulation or the extrinsic motivational orientation involves a reward or accomplishment of a target. Intrinsic motivation allows the person freedom to do a task and gives immense satisfaction.

    In order to explain these, India Study Channel (ISC) serves as an example. There are many sections in the ISC. Members contribute to the sections according to their interests. This is due to the intrinsic motivational orientation. The members derive satisfaction in sharing their views and expertise with others. The ISC conducts various competitions with cash rewards and points. There is an external inducement for the members and they are motivated and oriented to participate in the competitions. Here, there will be a set of rules and time constraints to complete the task. The members have to cope up with these restraints. The ISC gets good participation from the members by motivational orientation.

    This is my entry for Topic based TOW contest for April '21- topic-'Orientation'.
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    Probably the author is destined to win this contest as he has given the best example of how this site works on the lines of motivational orientation and that is best thought from the author. For that matter right from the day I joined in 2009, ISC has been motivating me in one terms or other and that made me to stick on to this site till now. Moreover the motivation is so strong that we are not here for any money or fame but for the knowledge enhancement and learning more.
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    The author has beautifully explained his envisaged outlook about intrinsic motivational orientation and external stimulation, coincidentally arrayed as a combined force that propels someone to a particular activity.
    Also, he has given an example of ISC.
    But suppose the scenarios are quite disarrayed or stimulation and motivational orientation both are working in two different directions, in this way reconciliation between the two will offer a profound situation.

    In plain English, I would say if a student has dreamed of becoming a doctor since his childhood but he has vast opportunities to become a businessman instead, he is offered everything conducive for his career as a businessman.
    What he should do in this situation is a big question before him. Either he has to leave his dream to make it come true or become a big businessman and establish a good hospital and appoint the best brain of the medical field in his hospital and all these well-qualified doctors will be his employees.

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    @729358: In the scenario mentioned by you, whichever motivation is strong, will orient his future. You are writing in the forum section mostly. This is your interest. Probably, you derive satisfaction by doing so. When you raise a thread in the forum section, you do it for your satisfaction and with a view to know other's views also. There is no external inducement. In case your forum thread is selected as the best for the week, there will be a reward. You were not having any idea of a reward at the time of raising the thread. It was intrinsic only. When you write for a competition, there will be an extrinsic motivation that will orient you to participate in it.
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    The author has put up a nice post and also has given a good example of ISC as a portal to inculcate motivational orientation in its members. Inspiring, motivating, and aligning people in a particular direction to take up some tasks efficiently and perform them effectively is something that many organisations look for and all those trainings for the new employees, refresher courses for the old employees, orientation courses time to time, awareness exercises, environmental learnings etc all are the result of this positive approach. Motivation in itself is a very effective instrument and I have seen some cases of the dull and lazy people who at some point of time in their lives suddenly woke up and achieved the unimaginable success. Motivation is the most powerful push in our lives out of all inspirational methods.
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    A very good thread has been presented by the author, which according to the contest is justified but at the same time gives a big message. It is true that inductive orientation is an essential element and ISC plays an important role in this orientation. When I tried to develop myself as a writer at the initial stage, after many efforts, I got an opportunity to become a member of ISC, for which I still feel inclined. It has not been much time for me to join here, but still, the ISC has become an important part. Initially, I have learned a lot from some of my own mistakes and negligence and also have the role of editors and other members. The ISC is the only website that takes its members as a family and gives everyone an equal opportunity. By the way, I have never won the Topic-based contest yet, but even when I try for a little bit and when cc and points are given by ISC, it makes me more motivated to improove my writing in the next contest is even better.

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    The extrinsic motivational orientation and intrinsic motivational orientation are explained very well.
    Earlier days or even today also we may be having some weekly or monthly magazines where different writers may be sending their creations for publication. Here there is no contest. The editor goes through the content and decides whether to publish it or not. Can we say this is intrinsic motivational orientation?
    In my opinion, many people are having an extrinsic motivational orientation. That is why we see more people participating in various contests. This may not be due to money or points. It may be due to the availability of time to respond here always.

    always confident

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