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    High self-orientation may reduce trust

    In our life, sometimes we meet people who are much more concerned about themselves and focused mainly on themselves. These people are called self-centered and self-oriented. Be focused and goal-oriented is necessary to get success in life. Self-orientation is needed to some extent for self-respect and self-existence to fulfil their physical, mental and social needs. But self-orientation creates problems when a person thinks about his needs and himself only, which spoil his relations with others. Being too self-focused or highly self-oriented may cause an image of a person as a non-observant in the eyes of others, which may reduce other's trust in him. For example, in friendship, friends share their happy and sad moments. But if a friend is self-focused and self-oriented and thinks about himself only and ignore his friend, he will start losing the trust in friendship soon.

    Some degree of self-orientation should be there, but it is not good to be self-centered and self-oriented to make ourselves happy. There is a minor line between self-respect and self-orientation. But being more self-oriented may reduce your trustworthiness, and people may find it hard to develop an honest and reliable relationship with you. Therefore, be self-oriented, which is required to make you happy and satisfied but should not make you careless for others, hence maintain trust in the relationships.

    Entry for Topic based TOW contest
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    The author has written about the self-centred or self-oriented person. According to the author, such people can't have good relations with people. If these people are self-centred and don't care about others and don't care about their rights also, henceforth this person is a problem for his friends, relatives even his family. But now the world is changing, these people who are self-oriented in society represent a materialistic social environment where they do not give importance to feelings, emotions of other people. They are selfish and their selfishness is not opposed by other people including members of his family. Good people will not like their friendship.

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    A person being self-oriented that prioritizes himself first and then thinks of others. There is a difference between being self-oriented and being mean. A mean person seeks out others to get their work done and after manipulating them, they do not deal with them nor help them in their need. But a self-oriented person never uses other people to give priority to himself, for getting a target it is not necessary to hurt others' feelings. Self-oriented people know that as they have expectations from their lives, so other people also have the same expectations. But their aim is only to do the work that is important to them and then think about all of them. If we see then many such people like a self-oriented person can also prove to be trustworthy. Our motto should be that be self-oriented but do not harm others.

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    When you say self-orientation, it means one who is more concerned about himself/herself. In other words, we can call them selfish or stingy where there are not ready to share with others anything. Such people may be successful in life as they will always try to get the best for themselves without looking at others' emotions, sentiments, hard work, etc. In today's world, we may meet many such self-oriented people who show they care but actually care only for themselves and not for others. They would do anything to get on top or get what they want without caring for others. They may indeed reach great heights but at one stage, they will be lonely and will never have good friends or people to take care of them. When we are in good health and mind, we can go alone but when we get tired and need rest, that's when we look for someone to share, to talk, to help, to speak, etc and that's when they will see a big void.
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    One should take care of himself. One should think about himself/herself and see that they will be OK always. But they should consider the issues of others and should think about them also. If there are two oxygen masks when there is a requirement wear one and give the other one who needs it. But keeping the second one also as spare is never appreciated. When we are in society we should think about the neighbours and others who are living in society. Always thinking about ourselves and not considering others is selfish. No person will trust such people.
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    We all live in a social environment, due to which we are not limited only to ourselves. Who concerned mainly with themselves face more difficulty in the future. Such a person might not conform to the environment and chances of improvement are moreover slight. It is necessary to be self-oriented in a way that assists one to improve ourselves as well as appreciate others too.

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