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    A better-oriented life cultures peace and prosperity

    Life is a blend of pain and prosperity, distress and happiness, grief and sorrow. A person faces huge hardships if not properly oriented in life. Slight disorientation would shatter the entire orientation process and throw a person into grief and sorrow. Orientation may affect a person in an important aspect of life: from business to daily routine activities and from health to healthy relations with society. A person's life is like a four-wheeler where every wheel is mandatory to keep moving and maintain a healthy journey. A slight snag would topple the progressive path in life. Similarly, if a person is adept in business and understands its orientation better, success is the only thing waiting on the other side of this businessman.
    Let's take the example of our health care system. The health care system is the backbone of any country for a healthy nation. If the Health care system is not properly oriented and well equipped, the only devastation will take place like the one the country is in. If there is no oxygen, no medicine, no beds available for patients in Hospital, mind it the country is in a mess, scrambling and not properly oriented! To minimise the difficulties, every aspect of life needs to be well oriented so that we enjoy some everlasting peace in the country.

    This is myTOW contest for the topic 'Orientation.'
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    I agree that this life has different aspects- positive as well as negatuve and we have to undergo each phases in case it happens with us. We need to have a balance approach while dealing with them. Nowadays partial lockdown has been clamped in different parts of the country. We are undergoing a tough time. The author has written about failure to cope with situation. I think this is not the correct time to criticise governments or health department, more important thing is that how to cope with this virus. We have to cooperate concerned authorities and staff working day and night. Many of them have died while doing their responsibilities.

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    What the author said through this tow topic has the relevance in the sense that those who have enough courage to face the negatives of life, they have well tuned their future for sure because they have now gained the immense strength and knowledge to get rid of challenges and bad moments. And when good period is destined to be welcomed then that would be smooth way of life with peace and prosperity. What I have seen that some people are so composed in their life and their activities testify that they have full control over the present and future by virtue of their oriented life of the past. One thing is sure, those who have gone through the bad phase of life has enough working experience on every matter and the same legacy is passed to others and that would be formidable to reckon with and essure smooth life for them also.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very interesting and thought provoking post by the author. If the people of a country or a society or any group or a culture are properly groomed and oriented in the common direction of national interest any country can emerge as a winner in the international scenario. Unfortunately, even a part of this is not true in our case as the different people are groomed in different environment and doctrine they have been given differ remarkably from each other. That is the main problem of mismatch and confrontations in the society. Due to our inherent differences and wasting all our time and energy in that the Govt as well as people of the country suffer miserably and it is not the issue of oxygen that is falling short today but there are hundreds of such issues that are pushing our country to backwardness. It is really a matter of grave concern that a large population of our country including the unemployed young people are not in a position to contribute for the nation. Whether it is entirely the fault of the Govt or public at large is a matter of great discussion but due to some of our inherent shortcomings we are not going up towards that elusive prosperity.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has nicely connected the current issue with the topic-based contest. I totally agree with the author that there are four wheels of a life system and when all they work in a harmony then only men can live a happy and healthy life. These days when health system is not able to manage itself due to unavailability of staff, medicines, oxygen, etc then it becomes a concerned subject for all over the world. We can not blame anyone specific person or organization for this situation but we actually know that if human society were more aware of nature and the environment for a long time then maybe this situation could not be as worst as it is. Health-oriented planning should be always there for an emergency but this time human the most powerful creature of the universe is actually unable to find out the exact solution of this problem, and due to lacking in the performance of one wheel many of people are losing their lives and loved ones.

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    If the parents and mentors orient their children and disciples in a correct direction the coming society will evolve in a better way. It is the duty of all the citizens to make efforts in orienting the people to a correct direction in the sense that all the people can contribute for gaining and achieving the prosperity in our lives. Good things and good intentions are required for betterment. We can only orient others in a proper direction when our intentions are clean. Helping each other and motivating people in positive territories can only bring a peaceful atmosphere in our lives.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author has raised a very interesting issue which connects us with the present situation. The present impasse has rather created panic among the people and no immediate solution is being seen despite our best safety measures. Despite our best efforts, at present we can see that our efforts to contain this virus has been insignificant. It is because of non adherence of safety measures from some people. Though the government machinery is trying hard to keep the figures under control, but unfortunately the rate of spread of the virus has taken in the gigantic form and we are yet to provide the patients of the medicines, vaccinations and oxygen to arrest its spread.
    We need to reverse the present game with the maintenance of full cooperation of all the people to combat this virus.

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    True. If the people are not getting properly oriented in their lives we will face many problems. If the elder people in our society are not grooming their next generation we see disasters only.
    In our country, people are ready to give fake positive test reports to individuals. With those certificates people are taking beds in the hospital and when a real sufferer wants a bad these people are selling the beds in the black market again by creating fake negative test report. I think such people will be suitably trained and see that they will get oriented in the correct direction.

    always confident

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