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    Let the voters verdict be decisive

    D-day has come and India is going to witness the results of five states which gone to poll and lots of stake is pinned by the parties which went to the election which was held amid second surge, lots of unhappy moments, deaths and fear. Never in the past, the elections were held with so many uneasy situations and threats to the very life of the voter by virtue of virus. What India wants a decisive poll results in all the state which must testify either perform or perish forever because fractured verdicts would cause unholy post poll alliances against wishes of voters.
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    These elections are the burning topics nowadays and everyone is looking up to them. Whatever be the result we hope that after this the killing of people, cruelties of all sort, bad situations created by evil elements might stop. During these elections we have witnessed the great Indian election rallies where people wanted to showcase their own party and affiliations forgetting all the safety precautions which are mandatory to be observed during the pandemic. That shows the deep interest of people and their leader in the political processes where they forget everything else. Winning in the election has become most important and no one is bothered to check the means adopted. It is really an ugly situation and after this much of turmoil and pain suffered by the common public in these states what is the use of election results for the poor and downtrodden.
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    ,Voter is always on top in a democratic state. Their decision is the final decision but political parties play with them and manipulate the situation. It is morning time, trends are coming on screen, picture is getting clear gradually but still we have to go ahead. If I take Aasam here, bjp is going towards clear majority whereas in West Bengal, bjp is emerging rather strongly. It is sure to see that the state is going to have a strong opposition party.
    TMC is as strong as it was in past and bjp has got its string cadre of workers on ground level from left parties. It is quite surprising that left party workers who are generally detached from communal issues how they were affected by communal slogans. It is surprising for me how they are easily saffronised.
    Bjp has used all its resources including media to capture power in west Bengal. I would appreciate mamta that she is emerging as a strong leader before prime minister.

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    How a voter vote is always a question mark only? Nobody can predict properly. But it appears this time the results and predictions are almost similar. Tamilnadu voted for DMK. West Bengal for TMC and other states also as predicted only. The results are decisive as wanted by the author. There is no hung anywhere as far as the results that are come in so far. So there is nothing to blame the voter. Indian voters are intelligent. But the problem is that the politicians more intelligent than the voters. The politicians know how to attract a voter that too at the last minute. All should appreciate the voters for their decisive voting pattern.
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    This is very crucial time for the voter to come to polling station to vote for his favourite leader. A fearful environment has already been created so as to kill the human beings on this earth in the form of Carona second wave. Whether leaders think about the situation is bitter now is important here. But, the answer is anonymous one. Number of people who undergoes Covid effect so that their lives become very panic. In this situation, Social media alarms the governments that how the governments could afford to conduct elections. Even though the courts direct the governments to stop or postpone the elections, no government is not ready to bear the orders of the courts. Therefore, this is the time for the people to think about their health first as first priority.
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    Since the results are out, requesting everyone to put their views in this thread and if you want to discuss the results of Tamilnadu alone, then put your views in this thread.
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    "But the problem is that the politicians more intelligent than the voters. The politicians know how to attract a voter that too at the last minute."

    I agree that politicians are more intelligent than voters this is why they easily attract the voters but I am very much impressed by the way the voters turned out in West Bengal and used their voting right. Despite all infra-dignity comments, remarks, slogans they were not carried away as it was being expected while considering the high-level intensity of such activities from the stages and the media.

    We need better leaders having better thinking who work for the unity and integrity for the country .

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