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    The demand for the reservation in the vaccination process is fair or unfair

    Different news is coming from different states about the process of vaccination, one of these news has been raised about the issue of reservation in vaccination. In which a letter has been sent by the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, to the Prime Minister of the country that demanded reservation should be given to the economically and socially backward classes in the registration of the vaccination process.

    The demand for reservations for the economically backward class is genuine as they are not able to pay for vaccination due to poverty. But is the inclusion of socially backward classes in reservation a genuine demand? If we look at the list of socially backward classes, then again ST, SC, OBC will come up. If epidemics or viruses do not attack in view of any age, caste, or position, then it is appropriate to include reservation in this process of vaccination.

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    There should not be reservation type thing in vaccination, however, if people are poor they should be given free vaccination. We see many people who can't afford to go for vaccination because of their poverty. These people should not be deprived of vaccination. But it should be taken in account that only legible people should be enlisted.

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    I don't support any reservation for the vaccination purpose. Instead in this pandemic situation government should provide free vaccination for economically backward section.

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    The government is already giving the free vaccine in all the government hospitals. It is announced by some State governments that the vaccine will be free in their States for all the people who will go to the government hospitals for the vaccine. If an economically backward person is not able to pay money for the vaccine, he can go to a government hospital and get the process done there. Where is the question of reservation for economically backward people? Let them register early and the vaccine will be given on a first come first serve basis.
    I don't think there should not be any reservations based on caste and religion. All should be given equal importance. The individuals who register first should be given the vaccine first irrespective of the individual's caste or religion. It will be very unfair if such practices are brought in.

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    Only the poor and financially weaker sections are to be provided free vaccination as they cannot afford it. If we go in the genesis of the reservation in or country then after the independence it was announced for some initial period but due to mainly political reasons it stayed till date. Seeing from this perspective, there is actually no need of any type of reservation including for the vaccination one.
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    I am really surprised at this news which states reservation for vaccinating backward class people who are economically not strong. Firstly the central govt has sent free vaccines of Covishield to all the area hospitals across the country free of cost and the Chattisgarh CM is unaware of this fact. The SII is the govt organization and the govt is funding it for free supply of vaccine and WHO including US is also sending raw materials for the free vaccine distribution. The reservation sought thus is unwanted and every one need to be vaccinated on priority and there cannot b selective groups of castes to be given preference. The SC must involve in this matter and give guidelines to the states as to how to implement free vaccine program across the country and it may even appoint a committee to suggest ways and means.
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    Nowadays people in the internet spread rumours of all kind and if some mischievous element writes that Govt is planning to give reservation to the reserved classes in vaccination process then such a message would become viral and the Govt will issue a clarification to it.
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