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    My leader is no more, but his party is forever

    Dear Members,
    My favourite leader is Dr. M Karunanidhi who is known as "Kalaignar" He is also known as "Chanakya". After Arignar Anna, the founder of DMK(Dravida Munnerra Kazhagam)Dr. Kalaignar managed the party very well and held the post of CM for five terms. He was an excellent writer, orator, and speaker. He still remains in the heart of literate Tamils. None can match that leader from any political party. Such a leader is yet to be born. He has done his best for Tamil literature. I am an ardent lover of such a leader.

    Though he died, his party survived with the efforts of his son and the followers of his party. In the election to Assembly, votes are being counted today. DMK with its alliance partners is leading beyond the 50 percent seats. Out of 234 assembly seats, the party DMK is leading in 150+ seats. And the party would be forming the next government. My congratulations to the party in advance and my leader's son MK Stalin would be the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. May God bless his government.
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    DMK leader late Karunanidhi was a great personality in indian politics. Not only in state but also in the centre, he played very important role in formation of the government. Now Stalin is the supremo of his party and in this election his party is coming back to power. New political equations will be shaped in coming years for central politics and Stalin will play an important role in it.
    Congress party is playing second fiddle role
    In politics now.
    The author likes BJP but it could not win elections in Tamilnadu. It was unnecessarily propagated that bjp and alliance might come in power.

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    When the state went to polls there was feeling among the political circles that in the absence of tall leaders from both the AIADMK and DMK, the voters may not be interested in the Dravidian parties and would go for the change. But voters of TN has once again chosen alternatively and gave chance to DMK this time. Right from the year 1967 the TN politics revolving around chances between these two parties and though Congress made attempts to fight alone and failed miserably , that time onward no national parties ever attempted to waste their time and money to win. But what I failed to understand that AIADMK has not used PM Modi and the BJP flag effectively and the entire campaign went on the shoulders of AIADMK and their flag and thus voters could not connect to BJP presence in TN.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is true. Leaders will be changing but the party will be there for long. The leader will train the next generation of people so that they will take care of the party in his absence. This is what we call succession planning. Not only in parties even in companies also this succession planning is very important. Because of improper planning in this direction chances for a company or party to collapse are very high.
    DMK is going strong in Tamilnadu and that party is winning many seats. It appears Stalin is going to be the next Chief Minister for this State. Now the future of this party depends on how Stalin is going to govern the state and how he is going to plan the next person for the party.

    always confident

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    There is no doubt that DMK leader late Karunanidhi was a very popular and effective leader and people still remember his ways of dealing with the problems of the common people. That is one reason why the younger generations also remember him through the stories they had heard in their families. The winning of DMK in Tamil Nadu is a real tribute to that leader which shaped the DMK party to its apex position and established it for a long time in the Tamil Nadu politics. Great leaders who had done good things to the poor and deprived classes are remembered by their followers for a long time.
    Knowledge is power.

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    SuN Sir, is it really you talking? I have had a mini-heart attack.

    Well, for the records. It was the DMK and Dr. Kalignar, who bought the Tidel Park to Chennai. Today, TNadu is a big player in IT. The world-class Zoho is headquartered here in Chennai.

    Tamil Nadu has excellent roads and a hospital of the Govt in every State. Mr. Mohan and other members who think that DMK is corrupted, should show us the bank account used by the BJP to give one hundred crore to each Congress MLA to shift to the BJP.

    The DMK was corrupted. But not as much as the AIADMK. Today, Stalin has ministers who will be advised by experts from the London School of Economics.

    Let the BJP be defeated in 2024. It should be defeated forever.

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    And we are No1 in higher education with 48.7 percent enrolment. We have the highest number of distance education learners. BJP with four members cannot do anything. We will oppose them tooth and nail.

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    Mr. ABS,
    I am not for DMK and not for BJP. I am for the party that is good. I love Dr. Karunanidhi for his wisdom and knowledge, political expertise, his qualities, but not his corrupt team of ministers. I love BJP as a national party, the only alternative party to the most corrupt congress party led by a immature Gandhi family. Don't get heart attack and break down. It would be a great loss to the party you support. May you live long.

    No life without Sun

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    Sir I was just joking. Anyway, to correct your perception, does any one know how many crores went to the BJP through electoral bonds? Do you know that the MLAs were paid thousands of crores through the great Adani?

    If that is not corruption, what is?

    If BJP can come to power through corruption in MP, Karnataka and in Haryana, and you still say that the party is not corrupt, God save you and this nation.

    No one is perfect. DMK will do good this time. Just now oartymen who smashed an Amma Unavagam have been arrested. Stalin is a different kettle of fish.

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    Corruption in our country is a deep rooted tree that cannot be uprooted easily. Almost all the parties are corrupt including all the Dravidian parties. Every party in India that rules tries to make their fund healthy through corrupt practices by taking from the richest.

    I do not know why are you behind the Adani and Ambani. Go behind the Gandhis.

    No life without Sun

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    Stalin was anointed to take over as next Chief Minister by his father Late Karunanidhi himself. That way Karunanidhi really ensures\d that his family continues as his proper heirs for political and family wealth and leadership.
    Stalin has taken off with a good start and background. It is for Stalin now to show his individual merit and efficiency by ruling the state well without prejudices, including all sections of people and with minimum corruption as possible.

    Unfortunately Tamil Nadu voters were corrupted by the two strong opposing Dravidian parties with a contest as to who will give more freebies. So there is every chance that the voters grow easily disenchanted very soon.
    Stalin should rise above the partisan divide and rule tactics using caste and religion. He should concentrate on true development and not one free doles. If he can minimise corruption then there is every chance that he can earn a good name among people.

    I wish TN gets a good government and people enjoy peace, happiness, and prosperity.

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    To a certain extent freebies have spoiled Tamil Nadu. But it is just a small section of the poorest people who actually get such benefits. Those who do not know ground realities about Tamil Nadu always talk as if the Dravidian parties are only corrupt.

    When compared to our dear friend Yeddy of our neighboring Karnataka, even Jayalaltha will fade into insignificance!!! Such a corrupted State. And we know the BJP s record in other States. The top brass will brazenly use the Adani helpcopters and private jets to fly, without the slightest shame.

    It is a statement of fact that the State of Tamil Nadu witnessed the massive growth in all fields during the DMK regime. The Amma Canteens were good. They helped in maintaining social peace, as the urban poor were well fed.

    However, the AIADMK ministers were so corrupt that each of them have at least 4000 crores in their individual names. Jaya and her bosum friend were those who actually made crores and indulged in the worst form of corruption. Sasikala, the chief of the Mannargudi mafia today has at least 85000 crores in black money. The BJP knows much about this and always threatens her for their benefit.

    Tamil Nadu's record in education, infrastructure, health and overall welfare can be a big lesson for all.

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