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    Why ISC's Forum threads are not allowed to live for 10 days?

    Dear ISC,
    This is my perennial problem that I put up very frequently for which ISC has no solid answer. What is my problem? A thread becomes old after 10 days after which no response to be posted.
    1. Why the editors are not allowing a genuine thread to live for its authorised 10 days?
    2. Why editors are in a hurry to lock them before the completion of 10 days?
    3. In which way a thread is harmful if it is left unlocked for 10 days?
    4. Does is harm the editors in any way?

    I would agree if the thread is creating any controversy or problem to ISC or ISCian. But when the thread is reasonable, decent and non controversial, why should editors jump on to lock the threads?

    Dear ISC Admin. Kindly answer my query.
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    Sun, which is/ are the threads you are referring to? Please specify by providing the URLs.
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    Previously when the threads are raised, there used to keep quick review and action take immediately before others could make response. In the recent past I have seen the threads which got responses are deleted citing poor content. We do agree that editors do have sweeping powers to retain or reject the threads. But instead of deleting them the editors should take the privilege to modify the same and present it with edited version and that way they would have good relation with members. But totally rejecting a thread even after getting some responses is something hurting the genuine thread raising members. And as regards to how many days the threads could be making rounds is also left on the heading and gist of the content and how far the heading would attract more visitors this site. A clarity need to be mentioned
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    Editor Saji Ganesh,
    Such threads are many. Recently I raised a thread on Doom's Day that got locked. What was wrong with the thread? Why an early locking? Was it harmful to ISC or its editors or the members? Why the thread was not left for ten days for new members to read and post some responses?

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    Sun, I requested you to provide the URLs of such recent threads so that we can look into them and clarify your doubt if felt necessary. There is no point in generalising issues. Be specific so that there is some clarity.

    Mohan, editors do correct mistakes and sometimes even rewrite threads but to expect them to do so for every thread would amount to demanding too much. Don't you feel that experienced members also need to be careful and committed while raising threads? If one is to write whatever comes to their mind without bothering about the content or the spellings or grammar and leave it to the editors to correct all the errors and beautify the content, then what is the point in writing at all?

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    I say nothing about policies or rules of the ISC, moreover, why special rights have been given to editors, all these matters are related to management. But the issue which has been raised by the author about ten days limit for every thread I think if any thread requires to go beyond ten days , it is to be decided by the management? Generally, a thread loses its impact in a day or two fir discussion I dont think bumping any theead of ten days old is worth discussing because active members who generally take part in every thread they might have commented on a thread, if any members bumps an old thread I dont think it should be welcomed

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    If a thread loses its impact in a day or two, why should we call a thread as old only after 10 days? Why not limit it to two or three days. Few active members could be away and must be visiting the forum after a week or so. Therefore, it is ideal to leave the thread unlocked for ten days. In no way it affects the performance of ISC or its editors or its members. Locking a genuine thread and not allowing it to hang on for ten days is like slapping the member who raised the thread.

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    Your issue is about locked threads. Editor Saji Ganesh has inquired twice about which locked threads you are referring to. Instead, you mention a thread that was deleted. Don't you think the perennial problem gets created like this also when the actual facts are not brought out?

    I checked out the Doomsday thread and it was rightly deleted. How many times have we instructed you not to bring up threads based on superstitions and absurd predictions? Is it even a topic suitable for discussion? We have also deleted other basically absurd threads.

    Now if you cannot tell us which of your threads was unjustly locked early (mind you, only your threads, no need to bother about others) we are going to close this thread as well. Don't waste our time.

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    Sun, can this thread be locked now since you do not seem to be interested in solving the issue?
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    I have observed and it is my experience in this site that if a forum post is of repetitive nature or some topic which is not to be encouraged in ISC portal then it gets deleted or locked and it often happens when we have a bankruptcy of new ideas or cannot present old ideas in some new acceptable shapes. Many times it has happened with me as well as with many members that the posts were locked or removed from the active area. To some extent the judgement and prudence of the editor will also be there in doing that and taking those decisions which we should abide by. My point is that if we see these things with an open minded manner then we will find that the forum posts locked are based on the content and category and are not specific to a member. Let us all take it sportingly and everyone should remember that if in our overconfidence we are going to post the material of repetitive nature no editor is going to ignore that. Let us put ourselves in the shoes of the editors sometimes and see from that perspective. That would help in understanding the issue. I have no affinity with any editor or enmity with any member but let us take the things in their right spirit.
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    Sometimes, my post or thread are also deleted but now I take it as normal. Earlier I was very touchy why my thread was deleted. I advise the author that he should not take it seriously. If any thread has been deleted then what is the big deal in it. We should take it lightly.

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    Initially, I found my thread on Dooms day which had received four good responses locked without any remarks on top. But later I could see some remarks saying that it contains poor quality message. Hence I did not respond you with the link. It is upto you to lock or leave it open for ten days. I think it would be ideal to leave it for 10 days.

    What's the problem? Why do you hurry to lock a four days old thread? Does it harm you or ISC or the members in any manner? Does it help the editors in anyway? Just because you have the key to lock, don't misuse it.

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    Sun, we have been repeatedly telling you and also others who have similar issues that no editor locks or deletes a thread on his own whims and fancies. They are guided by certain rules and requirements as prescribed by the admin from time to time. Editors have no friends or foes when it comes to assessing content posted by a member for its acceptability. A thread may be locked for many reasons including avoiding responses repeating the same points. Hope the point is clarified now. Please remember to be specific whenever you raise a problem or suggestion in future.

    This thread is being locked now as it does not require any further clarification.

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