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    Five states elections gave strength to opposition and BJP unable to fulfill their dream

    Is the future political scenario in India reflected in the 2021 State election results? Give your analytical views in this forum discussion.

    Finally, the results of five state elections were almost out. Three big states West Bengal, Tamilnadu, and Kerala went in favor of the opposition and the BJP has to settle with Assam and the small Union Territory Puducherry. BJP's big dream of winning West Bengal became a daydream under the powerful leadership of their opponent CM Mamata. With all their resources, BJP with their big leaders of Modi, Shah, and ministers tried their best to turn the voters of W.Bengal in their favor. They gave tall promises to voters and their leaders announced there is no force that can stop the win of the BJP. But the result became reverse and Mamata for the third time in a row won the elections magically with a great majority. The election strategist Prasanth Kishore kept his words of the BJP never can win in this election. In Tamilnadu, DMK won comfortably but AIDMK won more than the expected seats is somewhat appears to be a mystery. As said in the exit poll LDF in Kerala won comfortably. In Assam, the opposition has not shown many fights and Puducherry new combination worked well.

    Members, do you think the big win of Mamatha will decide the future politics of India? What is your analysis?
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    We request members to discuss the result in general in this single thread, and as of now are allowing the separate discussion on the result of the polls in Tamilnadu in this thread since responses have already come in there.
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    I do not think BJP has been on the suffering end. In WB the BJP actually made inroads and wrested seats of Left and Congress and thus for the first time they come won some good seats. In fact WB voters gave strong slap to the Didi politics and sent strong candidates as opposition so that her autocratic rule would be put to end. Coming to Assam results it is BJP all the way and that is significant. Coming to TN , the AIADMK never gave room to BJP take gains during election campaign as the AIADMK were carried and BJP flags kept out deliberately which gave wrong signals to the voters. And we know the voters of TN would alternatively choose the parties to power between the two Dravidian parties. And the emergence new combination in Puduchery seems to be political surprise and BJP winning three seats in Kerala is the solace gain.
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    West Bengal elections are the most polarized elections so far in our country. The Bharatiya Janata Party has tried all the tricks to win the elections in West Bengal. The results are a big slap to the BJP. There is a saying that "What Bengal thinks today, India will think tomorrow" by Congress leader Gopal Krishna Gokhale long back. I personally feel India will think like Bengal in the next general elections and throw this government from power.
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    BJP's defeat has come as a lesson in other states including West Bengal. It is very sad that for some seats all the parties have played their politics only, even though the decision of victory or defeat has come, but in this true game of politics, there has been a big defeat of the common people, who have lost their family members and obviously this result does not matter for those who have lost their people. The government that supports humanity no matter which parties win or lose so that the situation can be brought under control, at least for now.

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    I want to bring a real thing happened in Kolkatta few hours back that Didi who was all along wheeling on the chair all through the campaign has suddenly started walking up the stairs, giving speech after her party victory. She even conceded her defeat blamed BJP for the game but immediately the EC has given clarification that the counting in Nandigram is in progress. So these dramas are not known to the voters and they would be feeling dejected for having voted again to power. Technically she lost to Adhikari and she should not seek to chair the CM post again. But she promised that she would be third time CM and that once again proved her arrogance not respecting the people mandate against her own. One thing is sure the change has taken place in WB and BJP made deep inroads by grabbing many seats much to the annoy of so called secular parties.
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    At least today nobody spoke about corona cases, lack of oxygen, no bed in hospitals etc But these issues will rise again in coming days. At last elections- were held at the expense of death of many people - came to an end. People were mobilised on road shows and political rallies and they were exposed to virus.
    These elections, especially, west Bengal election will be remembered in history where no manners were taken care of. All star campaginers of bjp were in the field to defeat a single lady but eventually, TMC has come up as winner. However, its great win for bjp that it has won many seats.
    This election will affect national politics in coming year , especially, in 2024 parliamentary elections. Mamta banergi will emerge as an important figure on national level. Now let's see what happens further.
    Congress party is losing its ground. Congress top brass b.need to ponder over their downfall.

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    The new equation is now being seen as a result of the fresh assembly elections. In West Bengal, it can be termed as a victory of BJP with the good numbers of votes in their kitty. At least, there is improvement of their performance. This should be the cause of rejoice for them. In relation to state of Assam and Pondicherry, their performance is commendable. In Kerala, winning three seats indicate that the party has at least made its entry in the state. Hence the overall scenario is not that much disappointing.

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    Kerala changed its political history. The Left Democratic Front led by Pinarayi Vijayan again won with a large majority. Until now, after five years the government in Kerala has been changing after five years. The BJP could not win a single seat here. Even BJP's E Sreedharan lost the seat. Nemom in Thiruvananthapuram was the sitting seat of BJP. Even that could not be sustained. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have been here several times for the election campaign.

    Congress collapsed. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi were in charge of the election campaign here.

    Result in Kerala Assembly Election

    LDF - 99 seats, UDF - 41 seats, BJP - Zero, Others - Zero

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    The whole country was looking up to these elections especially the elections of West Bengal where the seasoned leader Mamata had taken all the precautions and measures not to allow BJP to win there. It clearly shows the hold of Mamata in West Bengal and once a person or a party wins the election these things go in the background and what matters is the victory only. BJP might be hoping to destabilise Mamata and form the Govt in West Bengal but the indigenous ways in which Mamata got this victory for consecutive third time is commendable. The increase in the number of seats for BJP is a positive sign that in the next elections that is 2026, probably BJP might form a Govt in this crucial state.
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    I gathered information from the reliable source that during the first surge Pinari Vijayan has constructed a covid hospital in just 100 days and all the approvals were given in fast phase and that made world class hospital in place and that proved that CM got into the nerves of understanding the need and the Kerala voters have given their verdict for good governance once more. Though there was gold scam allegation, for the voters if the CM is attending to their dire medical needs, they are bound to support him again and the MP from Waynad from Kerala has miserably failed to gain and thus Congress no more a national party.
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    The election results are as expected only. There are no surprises. Even though BJP tried a lot in West Bengal we all know that TMC is going to get the power back. This view many of us expressed in many other threads on this site. But BJP also won some seats in WB which I never expected. They won up to 75 seats I think. That itself is a big achievement for them, I feel. But the big surprise is the defeat of the TMC chief. Anyhow, it is not a problem for her and she will be the chief minister.
    Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Assam and Kerala results are also as expected. BJP did well in Assam and Pondicherry. LDF in Kerala and DMK in Tamilnadu. I don't think this result will be an indication of the next parliament elections. BJP may suffer a severe set back in next MP elections due to the condition prevailing in the country due to 2nd wave of Corona.

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    Mamata Banerjee lost in Nandigram, West Bengal. The opponent was Suvendu Adhikari of the BJP. While the Trinamool Congress won a landslide victory in West Bengal, the defeat of Mamata Banerjee caused huge losses to the party.

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    # 729446
    Leaders show political gimmick to have sympathy of people. Mamtadi, is a political leader. No saint comes in politics. In every elections we see political gimmicks. Did you not notice it?
    Those who are blind supporters of bjp are dejected at this result but those who are anti-bjp are happy. But it is fact this is a big set back for bjp leadership because the the way bjp top leadership made this election as their prestige issue. Prime minister and home minister and others were campaigning against a lady but she proven herself smarter than all bjp leaders. She used everything in her favour. She was injured, she used it as her weapon. Bjp leaders made innocent comments on her she showed herself as a helpless woman to garner sympathy from people. She used the song ™Khela hobe" as her slogan, bjp countered it with "Vikas Hobe". She changed it as an anti-Bengal slogan.
    I think she deserves full marks as a clever politician who successfully defeated the most clever pair of Indian politics. However, bjp has gained a good number of seats and in the next election. Bjp will come to power as it has emerged as the largest opposition party in West Bengal.

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    # 729457
    I was watching Online news India, a YouTube channel of Dharmendra, a youtuber who discussed this issue. First, Mamta was declared as winner by 1200 votes against her bjp rival. This news was shown by all mainstream media channels. He shared ABP news clips/scan. But after one hour another news came with the reference of bjp IT Cell chief Amit Malviya that Mamta has been defeated. He put a question mark on this news, why news channel got this news from the bjp IT cell instead of the election commission?
    Then came news from the Election commission but figures were different from different sources like more or less 16oo or 1700 or 1900.
    Now Mamta has reacted that she has accepted the result but she will go to court.
    Why the situation is fishy is a matter of concern.
    Earlier Prashant Kishore has also raised a question on the credibility of the election commission while addressing media for his voluntary retirement from his profession.

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    Once again it is proved that regional parties should not be taken light and the national parties has to agree to the fact that by the virtue of their total understanding of voters nerve some regional parties could able to withstand the overtures of BJP and thus in the absence of Congress which has faded away, three regional parties would now play the role of opposition in future. TMC, DMK LDF has proven that they can take on the mighty BJP even in Parliament election. Stalin already proven for MP election with formidable gains in the past and he has further consolidated his position in the national politics. Even the by election proved shocker for BJP as TRS won the Sagar seat and YSRCP won the Tirupathi seat. So five regional parties would be surely ganging up against the BJP in future and for that saffron party must be ready.
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    The West Bengal elections were held in 8 phases starting from 27th March to 29th April. It took 33 days. For the BJP 22 Central Ministers, 6 Chief Ministers participated in election propaganda. The money spent by that party was huge. Thousands of forces were deployed. The result was that it was convincingly and comprehensively defeated by a single lady. The general elections of 2019 were conducted in 7 phases over a period of 39 days.

    The Prime Minister resorted to cheap tactics to irritate Mamata Banarjee by calling her "didi o didi" in public meetings. This infuriated the Bengali women. The TMC jingle" Khela Hobe" ended with "khela khatam" for BJP.

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    West Bengal is having a history of not electing the party in rule in the centre. When Congress was in ruling in the Centre, Communist was in rule in this State. Now BJP is in Centre and TMC is ruling WB. This practice may continue further I think.
    Where is Congress? Nobody is talking about this. By looking at the results I think voters are giving more importance to their regional parties. This trend is seen in last state elections in other states also. But in Parliament elections, the national parties may be given more importance.

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    It is good to know that the people of the state vote for the party that works for them and not on the names or dirty politics that they play in the name of religion, money power, or verbal speech or records that holds no ground in reality. TMK in Bengal has won with the majority, LDF in Kerala has won in the majority and the DMK in Tamilnadu has also won with a majority. The fight in Bengal where the full source of BJP came to play their game but could not win against a smart opponent whom they taught would crumble. It's history for a party to come to reign again in Kerala but LDF has changed the format with their good governance during the pandemic. People cannot to made fools every time in the name of big stars, money or speech is what is reflected by the win of DMK in TN. The days are coming when people will ask their leaders to show their report cards of the work that they have done for their people, constituency, or area they are standing in. Until the people vote based on work, these parties or leaders will not do their work but will try to lure the crowd with fake promises and big talks which will be supported by and bhakts who don't check the reality but talk anything without knowing the facts.
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    When the PM says "Didi O Didi" he only bought politics to the lowest level in West Bengal. Mamtha is no push over. In Tamil Nadu, the BJP has just won four.

    As a matter of fact, I will drink payasam for the whole day when the BJP is defeated in the next Lok Sabha election. It is the worst communal party that seeks to divide India. The BJP should learn what is meant by Unity in diversity.

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    # 729583
    I think you should take this issue as a normal person instead of as antagonist of bjp. Politics is a dirty game and everything is fair to win this game. How bjp lowered down is a well known fact to all. All tricks are used in elections and since bjp has come in politics under this leadership it has changed games rules also. It is to be decided by bjp how this game should be played and rest all political parties dance like puppets as the bjp wants. This is the greatest achievement of this present bjp. We have seen bjp under Atal Bihari Vajpai also but this bjp is completely different from the vajpai's bjp.
    Congress party which you like most is going down in all fronts, even top leadership is losing its charm to attract new people to join it. Introspect is required to top brass of congress to re organise their party with new spirit and enthusiasm.

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    I do not find any surprise in the election results. What the media loudspeaks is its own version, but truth is different.
    Every party used divide or polarise tactics. Religion was more used in this election than anything till now to polarise and win. The media added fuel to the fire with their own vested interests.

    In that no one thought or discussed about real development. It was just creating an invisible enemy and scare and then exploiting that fear to portray oneself as their saviour. This was done by all parties without any exception.
    The electoral mathematics of strategic voting got the results. It is as simple as that.

    But I feel the real people of this country lost their golden chance of openly discussing many important matters and visions. Now it will be same story ahead always. God forbid.

    It was the media which gave more hype and inflated hopes to BJP. I am sure behind the election rhetoric, even the BJP leaders would have clearly assessed the out come as this only.

    The main loss after all these is for Congress and Rahul Gandhi. The Left and Congress both became Zero in W.Bengal. Victory of Mamta will embolden her to be more autocratic and appeasing,which will encourage even anti national infiltrators and antinational insiders to perpetrate their evil designs. Mamta will not be able to control them. That will be one negative of this results.

    In TN if Stalin really wills, things can become better and the state gets good development and good governance.
    I also feel that if the LDF in Kerala do not become humbler and less autocratic that will lead them also to their doom in next elections.
    BJP has to learn and work a lot more to get good hold in southern states.

    That is what I feel now.

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    "Victory of Mamta will embolden her to be more autocratic and appeasing,which will encourage even anti national infiltrators and antinational insiders to perpetrate their evil designs. Mamta will not be able to control them. That will be one negative of this results."
    Why do you think so? Did it ever happen in West Bengal?

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    The election results of West Bengal elevated Mamata Banarjee as the most probable candidate to be projected as the Prime Minister candidate for the opposition in the coming elections. She will also be planning her strategy in those lines. I am sure she will try to reinforce her chances with good governance. She is a lady with guts. Hope she will succeed in taking West Bengal to a newer level and enhance her chances to become the leader of all opposition parties.
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