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    Weekends and Sundays going sans activities

    The lifestyle of people has changed as there is no weekend-long drive, no visits to resorts and no weekend late-night parties. The situation has made everyone change their mind and behaviour as there has been eerie silence on the roads where there used to be gatherings during the late nights. No one comes to the restaurants which are closed by 8 pm for dinner. By 9 pm the entire population seems to be withdrawing to their homes and the next morning is also dull because eateries that used to open at 5 am are not doing so these days. This the typical scene of India right now.
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    It's a small materialistic pleasure that we need to forego for the sake of everyone at large. In most States, I don't think even restaurants and small eateries are open, although in a few States, parcel delivery is permitted.
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    Eating out in restaurants, celebrating parties, enjoying picnics, late-night shopping etc all these activities may be resumed once the situation becomes normal. Staying inside the home for our safety is better for us. We can do all these activities later.

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    If we are careful now, we can have many more happy weekends in the coming days. So let us not worry about these small issues. Let us be inside and let us be safe. We may get affected because of others or others may get affected because of us. The situation is not under control. So it is better to be as safe as possible. Let us stay in our houses, eat whatever is possible and spend some time praying to God. That is the best way. Be in contact with the people over the phone. Talk to the known people and enquiry about their safety.
    I am seeing many people going out for eating. That is not advisable. Because where more gathering is there chances of spreading is more. At least from now onwards people stop unnecessary gathering in another one month or so the situation may come under control.

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    For a bigger objective we all have to sacrifice a little today. Life has definitely become dull but to save the mankind from the present calamity it is the duty of all the citizens to cooperate and help the Govt to come out of this difficult situation. In Mumbai some morning walkers started to go out for a morning walk and come back by 6 AM so that even the patrolling police might miss them. But seeing their large number one day a police team came with a medical unit and tested the morning walkers there itself and 2 cases were found positive. Police then warned all the morning walkers not to walk in a group and if possible refrain from coming out for the morning walk. So, we should not take the things lightly. We will enjoy all the things that we were enjoying earlier once the present situation is resolved. Have patience and good days will be again there.
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    I live in a small town but the numbers of cases are increasing here too. Every day we hear news of several deaths. It is creating panic. People are worried. Why the number of casing are on a hike, the reason is that a large number of people work in Delhi, and the situation in Delhi is too bad, so most of them have returned and many are still coming and they are carrying the virus with them. OPD has been closed in government hospitals. This is a very strange situation for people. Now people have no option but to go to private hospitals. Medical professionals are also earning a large amount of money. One person was taken to the hospital in Bareilly because he had fever. The doctor refused him to discharge the patient and they clearly said the patient will be held as corona positive. They demanded Rs five lac from the patient's family. So they deposited this amount and got their patient back alive.

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    Your narration was interesting and there is every possibility of exploration of the patients under the present situation. Even a minor fever with which one may suffer can be the source of income for the hospital authorities as you have submitted an interesting case occurring in a private hospital. Though the diagnosis of minor fever is simple but the hospital administration would like encash such situations. There are innumerable families not having enough money to buy medicines for common colds or fevers, but they have to shell their hard earned money as demanded by the hospital administration.

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    The present view of India is shown by the author. These days, when all of us are sitting inside our own houses, at this time, the deaf is a silent silence. Neither the voices of children playing cricket nor the balls of the children come on the balcony of the house. All the children are happy in fake happiness, trying to busy themselves in the world of mobile and TV in their homes.

    But yes, in the evening, there is a crowd on the roofs of the house, all the children and elders walk on their roofs and have discussions with neighbors, during which something feels good. It is the same silence back in the night, there are no horns of cars or bikes on the way, but only the sounds of horns of ambulances and police vehicles are there.

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    Rush and risk are sounding complimentary. Most of the crowded cities are facing havoc. Gonna the days when gatherings and celebrations are part of life. Being an teenager it's quite difficult for me to stay indoors. But what can we do. Hope for the situations get back to normalcy once again. This lockdown has given me a lot time to improve and work on my skills. There are two sides of a coin, let us all focus on brighter side.

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