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    Us and Indian classical music

    Indian classical music is the world-famous legacy that is intertwined with ages long Indian culture and civilisation. Indian classical music had been in trend for every generation in past years. Vocal, as well as the recital, was the source of attraction for people. Thumri, Dadra, todi etc had/have their charm which enchants hearts. But since western culture and music began to attract Indians mindset, attraction about music was also veered off. Especially, non-movie signers borrowed western music and introduced it in an Indianised form. However, most Indian moviemakers, musicians, singers have sustained Indian classical music, as most of their musical composition and singing is based on Indian Ragas. But the introduction of western musical instruments has badly affected Indian music. Old musicians would use Indian classical music in the composition of songs but now modern Indian musicians and singers are going away from Indian classical music to modern age western music. Moden age musical instruments have not only affected Indian classical music but also western classical music. However, a few names can be counted in our film industry who have maintained blending of Indian and modern music together and in this list, A.R Rahman is on top. He beautifully uses fusion, mixing and blending of south Indian classical instruments with modern musical instruments.
    My town Sahaswan is backward but it was/is the land of Indian classical music. You may google to find more details about "Sahaswsn Gharana" or "Rampur Sahaswan Gharana" My town has given amazing musical personalities.
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    Indian classical music is having a graceful presence in the music world and many Indian and foreign music composer have taken lead for their compositions from this area. Indian classical music follows certain strict rules and regulations through a network of Ragas and other considerations and if one learns it thoroughly then one can get an idea of the tone and sound in any music piece. The Indian classical music follows the beauty of ascending and descending successions and creates very nice melodies that touch the heart of the listener. To avoid the bad combinations in the music compositions certain restrictions are there in the Indian music system for using the notes of various octaves in the pitch cycle and that is where the Indian music is different from all other types of music in the world. Many people now have amalgamated western and Indian music together to create a cocktail of the music but the fact is that if the young generation likes to hear it then it sells in the market and gets popular.
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    I agree with the author, that western music has been taken by some music directors in the film area and the impact of this music is there on Indian classical music also. In Indian classical music, both sound, as well as the word, will have importance. When you hear a song you will enjoy both the music as well as the lyrics also. But as modern western music impacted our cinema music more emphasis is given to the tunes more than lyrics and we are not able to understand the meaning that song is conveying.
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    Indian classic music has the basics and every Indian film music use them some where are the other and the old film songs are based onthe raga and thal. Though western music penetrated from the days of Bappi Lahiri, and further much used by AR Rehman, the Indian classical music either vocal or instruments still holds good, and our Tabla, sarangi, violin, veena, guitar, bulbultara and drums are still played in many songs. And most of the music directors are also using the nature sounds along with the music and that is very good. For example the Aradhana song of those days goes with the music of toy train. Like wise the Maji re song of those days goes with the boat travel and that suits very much. So the Indian music directors and classical singers have used their best to be on the top and we are still depending classic ragas for some songs.
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    It is unfortunate to see that most of us neither have interest nor have any knowledge about indian classical music. If it is played before us most of us feel boring.

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