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    The tricky business of opening bottle caps and tube caps

    Are you an expert at opening the caps of tiny tubes of ointments and the caps of bottles? I feel it is one of those skill-based work that requires some expertise. Many bottles are pretty easy to open with just a twist of the cap, while others may require you to use the knife to break those tiny vertical seals that join the cap to the plastic circular ring that is just below it. In the case of an ointment, you can open the main plastic cap easily by turning it, but below it is the metallic seal. This requires some gentleness to open as otherwise, the contents might just pop out. However, there are some exceptions that have these caps/lids that annoy you no end.

    Take the example of the bottle of til oil in the image below.

    Oil bottle cap

    The main cap is a red one that I just need to turn and open. Below is the white additional cap that you can see. This has a loop through which you pass your finger and have to pull upwards to raise the white seal and open the bottle fully. Now the tricky thing is that each and every time I have pulled the loop, it breaks! So then follow the knife treatment, trying to slide it below the point of the loop that is wedged in and sort of slicing it around to create the opening for the oil to be poured out.

    How skilled are you at this tricky work?
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    This is very interesting post shared by the author, and most of us get confused on seeing some caps which are so stylish and yet not easy to uncap. Some premium cool drink brands are having such a wonderful caps to which we have to tilt and break open. Even the talcum powder caps are not easy to open as we have to make hole and the move right or left to close the lid. And there are experts who open the caps without using the knife or other things and just by turning left or right it will break open. I think the manufacturers must guide the customers as to how to open and give tutorials on the pack.
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    This is indeed a very interesting thread presented. When it comes to the bottoms of Crown 'Cap, then I get quite upset that I have no skill in it at all. After observing the cap of its other bottles, it is understood how it will be opened. It is easy to find out that the bottles used in the houses by a certain symbol, it is the right way to open it with the same symbol. After observing this sign, most of the knives are used. This work needs to be done very carefully. Apart from this, with some strength and pressure in some bottles, the cap opens easily even if it is rotated in the opposite direction. By the way, it is a matter of honesty that in such a time I seek the most help from my brother or my sister. My sister was a wushu player during the school days and she has more strength than me. I totally agree with the author that this is a skilled art, and my few are experts in this, unfortunately, I am not on this list but in an emergency, I can handle it.

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    These days many ointment tubes are coming where the cap itself is having a mechanism to break the inner sealing of the tube. The top lid of the tube can be opened by twisting the cap in the reverse direction and you can see the inside metallic sealing. This can be opened by keeping the cap in the reverse direction and tightening that cap. The cap will have a plastic projection inside which will break the metal cap when you tighten it. I have seen this mechanism in many ointments.
    Another mechanism we find these days on talcum powder tins is a thick paper pasted on the top. This can be opened easily when you want to start using it. You need not open the paper completely. Even you can release only one or two holes so that powder will not get wasted. As the technology improves we will see many new methods of packing which will be user friendly.

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    Nowadays there are so many designs of caps and covers for these bottles that sometimes we are at our wits end to find an easy solution to open them. The hook shown in this post is actually meant to pull open the small plastic round which is supposed to be affixed there with weak points along its periphery but unfortunately what happens is that the manufacturers sometimes do not use quality material and the hook snaps before the seal is broken. This is an example of good design with bad material. Then we require a knife to cut it.
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    Being a technical person I always thought that I was a type of expert to open the caps of all types with same dexterity but unfortunately my all knowhow went haywire one day when for the first time I wanted to open a can of Rasgullahs. It is a sweet item which is generally packed in round tins with a sealed lid above and about 12-16 pieces of that delightful sweet are packed inside dipped in the sugar syrup. There are many brands in the market and we buy them generally during the festival time. Anyway when I tried to open that after reading the printed instructions on the lid, I held the hook in my fingers and bent it and pulled it but my hand slipped and I got a small cut on one of the fingers by the sharp end of the circular lid which started getting detached from its weak side attached to the round tin. Later, I found that I should had done it gently without force. The lid gets detached easily with a little push. We learn like that only.
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    Yes, sometimes there will be instructions, but even on following them we may end up doing something incorrectly and not being able to open the cap, or ending up with a mess on our hands! I think the more appropriate word here would be dexterity rather than expertise (sometimes a word is on the tip of your tongue, but you just don't get it at first go).

    Have you noticed that a few tubes and smaller medicinal bottle caps have this pointy vertical bit within the cap itself? In this case, we can pierce the plastic opening of the tube/bottle with that and a tiny hole will open up. This is a very useful feature as it not only opens up the tube or bottle but also ensures that we are using only how much is required. It also ensures that we do not use a safety pin or some other pointed thing, which is not hygienic for use on medications.

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    Vandana, this piercing of the eye drop or ear drop top with the sharp pin given inside the cap was a mystery type of thing for me on the first time when I was doing it as I was not knowing that we have to remove a small ring from the neck of the bottle so that the pin can then reach the top point to pierce it properly. Technology had brought so many designs and features nowadays that I am finding newer and newer features. Recently, I got a food package in which the upper lid was fitting on the lower container so nicely sort of which I had seen only in the mobile back cover sitting so firmly and nicely. Every time we get such a new item we learn something new.
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